Pack for 10 Days in Napa, California

Pack for 10 Days in Napa, California - Shopping list and outfits!

1. Wide-Brim Hat / 2. Dark LIpstick / 3. Nice Earrings / 4. Versatile Scarf / 5. Envelope Clutch (similar) / 6. Neutral Tank (similar) / 7. Breton Striped Top (similar) / 8. Chambray Shirt / 9. Nice Blouse (similar) / 10. White Button-Down (similar) / 11. Marled Turtleneck / 12. A-Line Skirt (similar) / 13. Coated Denim (similar) / 14. Dark Jeans / 15. Pleated Skirt / 16. Thick Coat / 17. Strappy Heels (also) / 18. Printed Flats / 19. Ankle Boots / 20. Weekender Bag

Since we just returned from Napa, I thought I would share a bit about what I’d pack if our getaway were longer. I packed some similar items to these, namely the Boden turtleneck, a wide brim hat, and the chambray button down. If our trip were longer though, my outfits might have looked something more like these:

Day 1 Arrive
Day 2 Holiday Party

travel-light-napa-california-day-1 travel-light-napa-california-day-2

Day 3 Wine Tasting
Day 4 Shopping Downtown
travel-light-napa-california-day-3 travel-light-napa-california-day-4

Day 5 Road Trip to the Coast
Day 6 Tasting at Trinitas
travel-light-napa-california-day-5 travel-light-napa-california-day-6

Day 7 Holiday Party #2
Day 8 Oxbow Public Market
travel-light-napa-california-day-7 travel-light-napa-california-day-8

Day 9 Wine Train Adventure
Day 10 Depart
travel-light-napa-california-day-9 travel-light-napa-california-day-10

Napa Sunset

Have you been to Napa? What would you pack for 10 days in wine country?

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Responses to “Pack for 10 Days in Napa, California”

  1. great outfits! I’ve been to Napa on my honeymoon and I packed a zillion cute little dresses. They worked for all the tasting, driving and eating out! 😉

  2. Fabulous looks! I’d wear them all.

  3. […] about if I were dressed appropriately than fitting everything into my suitcase. I tried to keep my Napa Packing list in mind, but the weather wasn’t quite that cold yet. The first day we left from a semi-chilly […]

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