Jan 06, 2014

100 Trees of Julefest in Solvang, California


Not too long ago we took a trip to Solvang, California. I’ve been missing Denmark lately and wanted to sooth my Denmark-loving soul. One of the cool things about going during December was getting to see the little town decorated for the holidays. The coolest part of it is called “100 Trees of Julefest” and it is basically 100 Christmas trees all over the city, fully decorated. Some of the trees had really unique decorations, while others were more traditional.

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Of course the trees are always more magical at night…team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-8 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-9 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-10 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-11 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-12 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-13 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-14 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-15 team-wiking-blog-solvang-california-100-trees-of-julefest-16

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I also found your blog through the Design Mom feature. It’s always nice to find other bloggers in the Bay Area.
Julefest looks beautiful! I think I might have to put Solvang on the list of places to visit next December 🙂
The first photo reminds me of a good friend back home in Australia. She’s Norwegian and every year her Christmas tree is covered in similar bunting of tiny Norwegian flags and red ribbons. I’ve always thought it was such a lovely way to decorate her tree every year.

It was really festive in December, but pretty crowded too. I loved those little danish flags so much I bought a couple of garlands for next year. 😀

Just found you via the Design Mom feature. I grew up going to Solvang *a lot* as a child, and it feels slightly shameful that my own kids have never been. I had no idea about their Jule-fest…this gives me an excellent idea for visiting in the next Christmas season.

this is so pretty! love it!
happy new year!

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