Jan 07, 2014

Week 1, The 52 Project


Søren, driving Mama’s car. No small feat considering he spent the first year of his life protesting it. He’s growing so quickly now, I feel like I’m on a train that I can’t slow down and he’s becoming a little boy now instead of a baby. Where have the last twenty months gone?

Aiden, fast asleep in the top bunk. 10 years old and the big brother I always knew he could be. He’s become so much more understanding as we enter the toddler phase with Søren. He’s doing chores and being more graceful with change overall. Mama is proud of you.

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To learn more about the 52 project, please click here.

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:-O I thought that was you sleeping! He’s the spitting image of you!

Hello, I’m over here from Design Mom. I may have to get started on this idea, a week into the year, but better late than never.
Both your children and home are absolutely beautiful. I mostly came over after reading that your children are about the same difference in age as my son and my unborn daughter will be and how you expected it to be a bit easier. Everyone always says that it is difficult to have children so close in age, and I definitely do see that. I grew up the oldest of five kids and my three sisters, whom I am 7+ years older than, were all a year apart. But no one ever really talks about it being hard still when there is a larger age gap.
Well, this is getting a bit rambling, so I’ll just say that I appreciated your honesty!

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