Dec 02, 2014

20 Gifts For The Stylish Traveler

20 Gifts For The Stylish Traveler

1. Word Map Necklace / 2. Portable Charger / 3. To The Moon And Back Leather Passport Case / 4. Sleep Mask and Blanket / 5. Travel Candle / 6. Headphones / 7. Jewelry Roll / 8. Luxe Travel Guides / 9. Places To Remember Notebook / 10. Sachajuan Travel Shampoo / 11. Sachajuan Travel Conditioner / 12. Studded Weekender Bag / 13. Plug Converter with Case / 14. In Transit Spray Moisturizer / 15. Baggu Bag / 16. Shoe Pouch Set / 17. Rolling Carry-On / 18. Backpack / 19. Backpack Tote / 20. Travel Trolley

You can also find these and quite a few other gift ideas on my Travel Gifts board on Pinterest.

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Great selection! I’m really loving the bags too!

I’ll take that travel trolley, thanks! LOL.

I never saw a travel candle before, so cooooool.

I just started seeing them about a year ago. It’s definitely on my wish list.

I finally know what I want for the holidays now. Great list!

Those travel guides are absolutely phenomenal! We used them for our honeymoon in Europe.

They are great, aren’t they?

Well, this comes handy .. I was just working on my Xmas wishlist 😀

Huzzah! My hubs totally doesn’t know half of this is my wishlist, bahaha. 🙂

Gorgeous.. but sweet jeebus.. $8k for a suitcase (#20)?!?! YIKES! :p

Hey now, there are plenty of other affordable items on this list, had to add one wishlist item!

This is a great guide! It makes me want to plan a vacation ASAP so I can put these items on my wish list. The plug converter and portable charger are essential for traveling and I love all of the luggage options.

I’m trying to figure out how to get them all as gifts, bahahhaa. OK, just a few of them would work too. 🙂

Good stuff! I love that nearly everything is black or gold — two of my favorite colors.

I don’t descriminate with my metallics but you know I love black. 🙂

Oh I love all of these! Especially that necklace. So beautiful!

Isn’t it?! My favorite is the passport case that says “To The Moon And Back”.

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