Jan 03, 2017

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

My 2017 New Years Resolutions

My 2017 resolutions are a little more refined than the simple ones I chose last year. Last year I wanted to live life to the fullest, love with all my heart, and laugh (a.k.a. be kinder to myself). I did a lot of those things, but I feel like those are more long-term everyday life goals, and I still have room for improvement. This year I want to continue to do so, but with a little more specific goals in mind…

Be intentional.
I want to be more intentional with every choice I make in life. This means not making impulse buys because I might use it later, or because so-and-so will love it. It means being more respectful of things money can’t buy, like time or love. And being more respectful of the Earth as well as I once again attempt to move toward my goal of little to zero-waste.

Live with less.
This kind of ties in with a theme I’ve had going for a few years now (and with my goal above). I feel like I’ve never fully, fully buckled down on it and I think I’m ready to make the jump into it head-first. It has usually only been myself off the deep end about too much stuff, but lately my little family has been more on-board than ever before. Family goal? Ha.

Make time for myself.
I have been especially bad at this in the last year. I work too much and am really bad at trying to be everything for everyone else. I constantly push aside time I should use for my own wellbeing and do for others instead. I guess it’s not a bad trait to have, but I need to realize (and prioritize) my own health and sanity too.

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What are your resolutions for this year?

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Love the live with less! We are doing the same and it is so freeing. Happy new year!

I have also resolved to live with less. The last year or so Shawn and I have been slowing doing away with the excess and it feels great! 🙂 Happy 2017!

Anna || alilyloveaffair.com

These are really good and important new year’s resolutions, I love your goal of minimal to zero waste! I also want to make more time for myself and I really want to invest more time into blogging xx

Be better. I can’t commit to stringent life policies of any kind but I’m planning on learning to live with what I have and make sure I appreciate what I have. I live in a city with so many homeless and low-income folks that barely can afford to eat or clothe themselves and here I am wanting a new set of plates or another set of sheets-it’s dumb! I want to look at everything as if I didn’t have some inherent right to it all.

I really don’t have a New Year resolution. I feel that my goals are the same from last year. Not because I couldn’t reach them but because they take time.

These are great New Years resolutions! Wishing you all the best on your endeavors!

I loved reading your New Years resolutions and goals to a fresh start and what they learned in 2016. Sounds like your on the right path.

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