3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

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3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

For the last couple of months, I’ve been almost living in my white sneakers. They’re so versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings, definitely a must-have for my Spring wardrobe. Today I’ve teamed up with Zappos to share 3 ways to wear white sneakers.

3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers 3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

Wearing: J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat, COS Light Beige Tee, Ecco SP2 Large Doctor’s Bag, Lou & Grey Slouchy Skinny Denim, Ecco Soft 8 Strap Sneaker.

Casual or Day-to-Day
This look is a casual one that can be worn all day long. It’s still a little chilly here so I’ve paired it with a warmer coat to stay warm. The shoes are the Soft 8 Strap Sneaker by ECCO. They are comfortable enough to spend all day in without a problem. I love ordering from Zappos because their shipping is quick and returns are easy. I don’t always have time to head to a store to hunt down shoes, so it’s perfect for our busy lifestyle.

3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers 3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

Wearing: Victoria’s Secret Leather Moto Jacket, Cuyana Babydoll Dress, Ecco SP2 Large Doctor’s Bag, Ecco Soft 8 Strap Sneaker.

Night Out or Date Night
We’ve been married almost 10 years, so date nights are not as fancy as they used to be, but I still like to throw on a silky dress to feel a little fancier than usual. The white sneakers transition easily into night and pair well with a black silky dress and leather jacket. If we decide to walk around town I don’t need to worry about having my heels give me an issue.

3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers 3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

Wearing: Zara Modern Trench, Cuyana Turtleneck Tee, Ecco SP2 Large Doctor’s Bag, Babaton Cohen Pants, Ecco Soft 8 Strap Sneaker.

Workday or Meetings
It’s not often that I need to go to work somewhere, but I do have meetings from time to time. This outfit is perfect for those times and casual enough to wear anywhere else too. The Large Doctor’s Bag by ECCO is perfect to fit my notebooks, snacks, and any other goodies I need to bring in. As a side note, getting a 13″ laptop in it wasn’t easy, but anything smaller would fit perfect.

These 3 looks all transition with ease and can be worn to different activities, perfect for travel or day-to-day wear. The premium-leather construction and clean minimal design of ECCO‘s products mean they will be both timeless and stylish in my wardrobe.

Do you wear white sneakers? What is your favorite item to pair with them?

This post was sponsored by Zappos, a place I have shopped at for years and years. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Nancy for Hej Doll.

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Responses to “3 Ways to Wear White Sneakers”

  1. White sneakers are great to have because they go with literally everything. I love how you styled them in the second look!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  2. This post is very making me regret that I just sold a pair of all-white, old school converse high tops…. Shoot! I just didn’t know how to rock them.

  3. for some reason I can’t rock the bright white ones, but I do have a pair of cream nikes that are amazing!! love them.
    LMents of Style

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  4. Adaleta

    I love sneakers, they make life so comfortable! Great ideas to wear them!

  5. Courtney

    All such cute looks but my favorite is the sneakers paired with a dress and leather jacket! Such a chic combo!

    Courtney http://www.whatcourtwore.com

  6. Love these looks! I just bought some new white Adidas sneakers – can’t wait to wear them.

  7. Great post lady! Love how you styled the sneakers with each look! Im loving this trend so much! comfort all the way!


  8. I am so happy to see that your sneakers are clean so many ppl have the most trendy outfits and dirty white shoes

  9. Erica Schwarz

    I live in Florida, so my favorite way to wear my white sneaks is with jean short cut-offs, which I wear all the time. Great to see new ways for me to wear them! And much more fashionable for sure 🙂

  10. I love your white sneakers. I have been wanting to try this trend, but I’m nervous to try it with two kiddos.

  11. Sneakers are all the rage now. Thank you for sharing your favorite sneakers. The cool thing about sneakers is that it can be paired with any outfit. I can’t wait to add one of these pairs to my growing collection of sneakers. Please keep on sharing more helpful posts in the future.

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