Apr 13, 2017

Tips For Packing a Weekender Bag

Lately I’ve been taking a lot of shorter trips, so much so that it’s made me come to realize I might not need to bring my usual carry-on hard-side suitcase. I’ve been opting for a much softer option in the form of a weekender, and packing it is a little different than I pack my carryon. Like packing for a weekend trip, today I’ve partnered with Lo & Sons to share some short and sweet tips for packing a weekender bag.

I’ve been a huge fan of their bags and smart design sense for a couple of years now, so I was really excited when they offered one. I chose the Rhodes bag, which is traditionally listed as a men’s bag, but I really dig the darker color and finishes. The bag is made from twill, and recycled poly fabric (made from recycled water bottles!) so you know I’m already a big fan. It is quite large, and I’ve found no trouble at all in fitting everything I need into it.

5 Tips For Packing a Weekender Bag

  1. Plan your items.
    As space is always of the essence while packing, it’s important to plan your items ahead to make the most of available space. I love to utilize my travel light grid system as it works for every single trip I’ve ever been on. It makes packing quick and effortless when you can see everything you need to bring.
  2. Use shoes as your base.
    The first thing I add into the bag are my shoes, as there is a handy compartment at the bottom to store them in. I normally only bring one or two pairs, but for our recent trip to Lake Tahoe, I fit 3 pairs of waterproof boots in the bottom which I feel is quite impressive. I also think that shoes are one of the heaviest items you’ll pack, so keeping them on the bottom of the bag is essential.
  3. Build Structure
    Now comes the fun part, the clothes! I like to start by layering my outfits into a stack, then inserting it vertically into the bag (ala the Marie Kondo folding method). It is easiest if you stand the bag up on it’s side so that it stands tall.
  4. Add extras
    After I place my items in I’m usually left with some empty space, so it’s perfect to fold a coat and fill it horizontally to keep the vertical items in place. I also utilize excess space by doing things like putting my toiletry bag inside of a hat. Not only does it help keep the shape of the hat, it takes up less space than if I were to add it separate.
  5. Finish with delicates
    Now is time to add the more delicate items like hats. I am sure to place them on top so they are not squished while in transit. Lo & Sons was also kind enough to send over their Hanover backpack, which is also made from recycled poly and boasts some smart features like a soft laptop pocket, secure zipper, and a sleeve to place it security onto the handle of a rolling carry-on suitcase.

5 Tips For Packing a Weekender Bag

Do you travel with a weekender often? I’d love to hear your tips too!

The bags featured in this post were sent over by Lo & Sons, a company I have been a fan of for a long time. Photos featuring Jessica by Sarah Hettervik for Hej Doll.

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This is so helpful! I am awful at packing for one weekend and I usually have 3 bags. Thank you!

@trendyinindy || trendyinindy.com

I always love your travel pack posts. You always keep your choices versatile and simple. This is much needed to keep calm during the chaos of travel.

These are pretty good suggestions. I do a lot of short trips and I should really rethink the way I pack. Planning my outfits this way would save on time and space.

These are great tips for packing! We go on occasional weekend trips, and I’ve gotten better about packing minimal items. (Easier said than done when traveling with two kids!)

Great tips! I need to get myself a weekender bag. I only currently use suitcases.

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

I have a duffel bag that I use for a weekender bag when going on short trips. I also put my shoes in first then my clothes and other items. I love traveling!!

i always overpack for the weekend it seems. i pack a few extra outfits and a few shoes incase i don’t want to wear one.

You have great ideas and style and I also like the weekender bag you selected. I have, however, found that I personally prefer a roll-around carry on, no matter what. It is simply so much easier to maneuver. It also saves putting weight on my shoulder. As a bonus, I keep it packed with basics, so I can change it out easily depending upon the length of the trip and destination. I have both hard and soft case versions, but I generally pick the hard case because it is actually easier to close than the other one.

The beauty of current-day travel is that there is a wide selection of luggage and packing products to choose from. We can each customize them to fit our personality and travel needs/desires.

Thanks for this. I try to travel light, but my bag is never very organized. I loved the way you packed this. I’m going to follow suite. I love that bag too!

These are great tips and this bag looks really nice! I like to travel light with just one bag whenever possible

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