Aug 20, 2014

Week 33, Blue Dog Pizza

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Usually when we go out we try to find more local type places to eat. Blue Dog Pizza in South Lake Tahoe had great reviews so we gave it a try. The boys loved the game board on the table and the delicious pizza. Aiden doesn’t require a lot of entertaining when we go out to eat, but Søren can be a hand full. Aiden is usually mature enough to understand, but he does have his moments. We usually take turns entertaining Søren, but this time I think he just loved giving kisses to all of us while we waited for food.

Do you try to find new places to eat when you travel? Or do you stick to tried and true chains?

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

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I love finding hole in the wall places! Local places are the best, I try to avoid the chains!

Oh my god, your boys are so cute!!

Looks like fun! I love trying new places that are local. It makes such a more unique experience.

Amazing photos and adorable children.

I love trying food that I can’t find anywhere else when we travel. Love when places have ways to keep kids entertained at the table. This sounds great!

My husband and I always try to find local places to eat at. We love using the Urbanspoon app and buying gift certificates on! We have found some really good places to eat at that way. We move a lot so it’s fun experiencing food from different places.

When we travel we definitely make it a point not to eat at chain restaurants…actually we don’t really eat at chain restaurants at home either. Love to go somewhere new and experience everything that new place has to offer. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not! But no regrets.

thrifting diva

Beautiful family! I love the photo of Steve with Søren’s crumpled up nose! Too cute. Of course Aiden getting attacked is the best though.

THIS PLACE SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Ps- what camera are you using? I’m dying over these photos right now!

It was pretty awesome. I use a Canon 5DMKIII and I usually take my Canon 35MM F1.4L Lens everywhere with me. I wrote a whole post up about gear and such in my Photo Tips series:

Finding new places to eat is the best!

I actually stick with tried and true chains unless I’ve heard something about a place and just want to give them a try. Beautiful photos btw

I love trying new places to eat with my family. We’ve been lucky that our 3 year old eats more than just chicken and french fries so we can try really great places out!

I think trying new foods and restaurants is one of the best things about travelling.

Love the name of the pizza place. Great pics! Your boys are adorable!!

These pictures are so beautiful. Really, your family is precious. I love finding new restaurants, I just found a great one in Santa Fe yesterday!

Looks like a cute place to grab a slice! And I just can’t get over how gorgeous your photography is – you’re going to be loving this pictures later when you’re babies are older 🙂

That place looks so nice. Your pictures are wonderful. We like to explore when we travel too.

Ooo, I’m going to be going there soon, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

he is so sweet! 🙂 we usually try to check out something new every time we go somewhere.. but then if it’s bad we do get pretty disappointed haha. maybe we should do a mix of tried and true and new places. 🙂

We love finding new places to eat. And seriously, can we talk about your photos? Amazing!

i like a healthy mix of both when traveling. it’s always fun to find new spots, and then go back in following years, but i also sometimes like the “tried and true” spots so that i know i’m getting a meal that i like!
also, fantastic photos as always!

Soren and Aiden… two great names. Great shot of the two of them at the end, those will become treasured #tb moments… (and if only they could always be that loving..!) 🙂 I love that you’re doing a concerted weekly shot to record them as they grow up. Definitely something I’ll aspire to do as well!


I always try to find new places when I travel. I ask the locals for recommendations on the best hidden gems in the place I visit.

Yummy!! I like to look for unique places to the area and I like checking on Yelp to see who has good ratings 🙂

We tend to stick to what we know when we travel, but that’s mostly because my boys are super picky with what they’ll eat! Hoping that will change as they get older! 🙂 Wonderful photos, BTW!

Gorgeous, as usual 🙂 This looks like a restaurant I’d love to try! 🙂

how funny – I was literally just in S. Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago! I don’t know how I missed this one! Looks delicious!

This restaurant looks like it has such a fun atmosphere + vibe! Also, your photos are incredible, lady!! I just bought a Nikon recently and my boyfriend is wanting to learn how to work it to shoot photos for the blog– I wish it was my thing!

THAT LITTLE BOY!!! <3 <3 <3 Oh my goodness, so much cuteness!

I always try to find good, local places (rather than chains) to try. This place looks like so much fun!

Typically when I travel I like to do favorite spots that we’ve previously eaten, especially since we don’t get to eat it a lot! But this does seem like a good idea, and I could just eat that little boy up!

We always try new places when we are traveling but do have a couple places that we have made tradition to get to. I love the pictures you got and this place looks really neat!!!

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