Lakeside Weekend Outfit

here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-1 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-2 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-3 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-4Clubmaster Sunglasses / Black Gingham Shirt / Rust Rolled Chinos / Green Espadrille Sneakers

After the thunderstorm moved along, the weather was beautiful in Tahoe. The cooler nights kept the days in the 70’s, my favorite. I like this outfit because it hides a swimsuit well (used a different cover-up while at the beach), and also that it looks nice enough to wear out and about.

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here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-5 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-6

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Responses to “Lakeside Weekend Outfit”

  1. There is nothing more perfect in my opinion than a nice, light flannel for the lake. I wear a navy gingham one with everything when I make trips to the waterside. You look brilliant in all of these photos! And it sounds like you are having a lovely time. I’m glad the weather is cooperating! 🙂

    The What’s In Between

  2. I really really love this outfit. I am always kind of intimidated by plaid shirts for some reason, though. lol

    1. It’s gingham! Only two colors, and goes with seriously everything. 🙂

  3. You’re seriously so cute. I love that we wear the same type of clothes.

  4. What an adorable look + beautiful photos!!!

  5. What a fun outfit! I love the pants and shoes especially!! Way to rock it girl!

  6. loving this here and wear series!! 🙂 *sigh.. i’m not supposed to be shopping for new clothes!

  7. This outfit is adorable. I love the shoes especially.

  8. I think I need to start hanging out with you all. Looks like so much fun. Always.

  9. cute cute cute outfit! i am generally not a fan of ‘colored’ shorts but those are cute! stunning photos too!

  10. Your pictures are always so gorgeous – makes me wish I was there right now! Super cute outfit 🙂

  11. Effortlessly chic. What a perfect outfit, and I want to go there too!

  12. You’re making me so jealous with all your Tahoe pics!! Love the top! So cute!

  13. Just so you know, if your blog is found liable for forcing me to take a vacation, I’m holding you responsible. But seriously, your photos are always so beautiful. I want to have a bonfire now. On a beach. A REAL ONE.

  14. Those are my absolute favorite style of shorts! So comfy and cute and you can wear them with so many styles of tops. I also like that they are just the right length and not too tight.

  15. So jealous! It’s like 1000 degrees in Florida right now. I’m hiding in the AC all day.

    I love the combo and those shoes look so comfortable!

  16. It looks so serene there, love the outfit you gave me an idea because I have similar items!

  17. casual chic! I love it!

  18. Every time I read a post of yours I get distracted by how awesome your hair is. Sorry, can’t help it. 🙂

  19. Can I have your whole wardrobe? You always look so effortless, even in Tahoe!

  20. The gingham shirt with the shorts really works.

  21. Love love love your outfit!

  22. Beautiful photos and love this outfit. Casual chic at it’s finest!

  23. Geourgeous pictures! The outfit is perfect for a visit to the lake. And you look very good in it.

  24. hi jessica you look fabulous! such a relaxed yet gorgeous combo!

  25. Ahh, that is the perfect outfit for 70 degree weather! my favorite, too 🙂

  26. I love this look! Oh, and the pictures are perfection!

  27. Lake tahoe looks great, your outfit looks great as well 🙂

  28. Chinos are my absolute favorites. You werked them.

  29. I love gingham. It’s new love affair for me. Very cute look!

  30. You are TOO adorable – and this seems like the perfect outfit for a transition to fall! Beautiful photos my dear – Tahoe really is gorgeous 🙂

  31. Love your outfit! That shot of the lake in the sunset is killer…

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