Aug 22, 2014

Sand Harbor Paddle Boarding

team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-2 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-4 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-3 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-5 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-6 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-7 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-8 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-9 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-10 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-11 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-12 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-13 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-14 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-15 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-16 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-17 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-22team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-18 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-19 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-20There is a special place in my heart for Lake Tahoe during the summer. There is sand, and there is water, but it is different than our usual beaches. Sand Harbor is a natural sand beach. The sand comes from the rocks tumbling down the mountainside and eventually turning into soft sand to stick your toes in. We met up with some family here and spent the whole day basking in the sun, moving sand around, and paddle boarding. It was magical.

Have you ever tried to Paddleboard? If not, do you want to?

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those pictures are so breathtaking. ive always wanted to paddle board. its definitely on list of things to do one day.
all this makes me want to pack up & travel with the husband and little stat.

So beautiful! Paddle boarding looks like such a good time. I have always wanted to try that.

Wow! your photos are gorgeous <3 Stunning scenery! And no, I haven't had a chance go paddle boarding, hopefully one day 🙂 xx

Wow–gorgeous pictures. I never used to have any desire to visit Lake Tahoe. Another friend recently went and posted some picture and between the two of you, you’ve definitely changed my mind!

This place really does look magical! I want to try paddleboard, but I haven’t yet had the chance to. I hope to try someday soon. Your pictures are lovely!

I haven’t tried to Paddleboard. But your great pictures made me try that !

I love your blog for the amazing photography…stunning pictures!

I’ve always wanted to try Paddleboarding – it looks like so much fun!

How cute! I love his hat!

Wow! That looks like so much fun! I’ve never been paddle boarding but I would love to try!

Aww! How fun! We live pretty close to Tahoe (on the California side)! I love it there!!!

So fun! I’ve wanted to try paddle boarding forever.

I would love to learn how to paddleboard, as always lovely pictures and beautiful family

I have never been paddle boarding, however I would love to one of these days. Given I can find my balance. The photos that you take are stunning! What kind of camera are you using? They are amazing.

Hi Sarah, Thanks! Paddle boarding is fun, you should definitely try it. Balancing on the type I was on was really easy. The ‘faster’ boards are a little harder.

I shoot with a Canon 5DMKIII with a Canon 35MM F/1.4L or Canon 135 F/2L lens. You can read my photo tips series here:

I love paddle boarding! So fun!

Love the photos!! I need a vacation now! Also love the snake sand bucket! Where did you get that?!


The bucket is by Melissa & Doug, but it’s a few years old. It actually broke on this trip and I’m trying to find a replacement.. So if you happen to come across one please let me know too! 🙂

I will let you know! I love Melissa and Doug! Off to see if I can find something similar!

i’ve never gone paddle boarding before, but you’re making me want to try it out! 🙂 my only memory of someone paddle boarding.. is some girl getting stuck out in the ocean haha

I’ve never been paddle boarding but I really want to try it!! Quite a few of my friends do it often and they seem to love it

Beautiful pictures as always! I have been wanting to try stand up paddle boarding for some time now, was it hard?

It was really easy on the boards that we were using. They are not the quicker/racing boards so they are thicker and wider.

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