Aug 25, 2014

A Mountain Adventure Nursery

I came across this nursery design in one of my Land of Nod catalogs and felt like it just called for adventure. I feel like it goes well with our recent trip to Lake Tahoe so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items to create a room inspired by mountain adventures below.


1. Adventure A Day Banner / 2. Raccoon Pillow / 3. Canoe Banner / 4. Backpacking Banner / 5. Woodland Animals Growth Chart / 6. Campfire Nightlight / 7. Dipped Storage Basket / 8. Woodland Swaddle Blanket / 9. Fish Pillow / 10. Log Pillow / 11. Cozy Knit Blanket / 12. Camper Play Tent

Which items are your favorite? I really love the camper play tent. My boys would love it!

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That is such a great pic. I would love a nursery like this if i had a little one. It is so cute. I must check out this catalog now

I really like the campfire night light. That’s so cute.

That is an awesome nursery! I want a mountain adventure bedroom too! I love that Camper tent, soo cute!

Love that room so precious!

I love this children’s room theme! I love the camper tent and the growth chart! They are so adorable!

Gorgeous nursery. I love all the items you picked. This is what I imagine my baby’s room to look like…one day!

That nursery is gorgeous! I love the outdoorsy looks! They’re my favorite 🙂

I am a sucker for blankets. I think I am getting a little overboard with my collection, so of course I love that swaddle blanket!

I love the camper play tent!! Land of Nod has the cutest styles for kid rooms. My old boss used to use them to style a lot of her photoshoots

That nursery is so cute! I love that play tent too!

I love this outdoor theme a lot. Reminds me of campfires and good times.


Like, for myself.

That camper is SWEET! We do have a tent in our little boy’s room, but this might be worth a look. Really awesome ideas here.

Thrifting Diva

Oh my gosh! I LOVE all of it 🙂 What a sweet and unique nursery! My favs are the growth chart and the log pillow!

That is such a beautiful nursery! That growth chart is too cute.

That room is adorable. The campfire light and tent are so neat. Kids couldn’t help but love this!

This is just adorable for a baby boy! I love that it isn’t your typical baby room, but it’s still cute and whimsical.

that nightlight is super cute! & that would be such a fun playtent for kids

How cute is all of this?! The mountain theme is adorable.

I have had my eye on that campfire lamp for SO long! I just need to bite bullet!

What a cute room! That fire lamp is adorable! And the camper tent is great!

Mmmmm we’re a cozy blanket family 🙂

What cute stuff. I like the tent as well.

How cool is that design scheme? I’m totally reminded of the boy scout troop in Moonrise Kingdom.

Oh my heck, yes it’s so cute! I love the design would go great in a cabin!

That nursery room is gorgeous! I love the campfire night light and the camper play tent. Great picks!

this is awesome!! My husband and I are not quite ready for kids yet but it’s coming soon. I find myself wanting to look at baby stuff all the time and may or may not already have the nursery all planned out already 🙂

That is beyond cute!! I love that whole mountain/cabin look. It feels so homey and comfortable!

I love that one picture can inspire an entire adventure! I also love the twist on the traditional nursery scene!

I love that nursery! It’s so unlike the “traditional” nursery style with the pink or blue, and I loooove it.

How cute is this! I never thought of this kind of a theme for a nursery!

Swooning over that play tent! My girl’s would love it!

I love everything! Perfect for a little adventurer, boy or girl! Definitely pinning this for future inspiration 🙂

oh i love the growth chart! william destroyed ours 🙁 so i’m in the market for a new one. preferably laminated or something a little stronger than paper 🙂

I keep eyeing the wooden ruler ones, but black and white of course. 😉 When we were little I think we just used the door frame. But then it sucks when you move. I keep all of the little updates from the pediatricians anyway. Søren has a little book from his and Aiden’s are all on little tags I put in his memory jar.

Love it so much! So cool

I agree-the camper tent is the sweetest. I’ve been eyeing all sorts of adventure-themed nursery inspiration on the Internet lately. I’m in no rush to have a baby, but I love the idea of something different from the typical pastel-schemed baby room. I saw a black-and-white lumberjack themed nursery that I adored (I wish I could remember where I spotted it!). I love all of your picks!!

The What’s In Between

I love that nursery! So fun.

That room sounds really cute! I’m tempted to try to find it now just because I’m curious and love black and white. 🙂

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