Jul 12, 2016

5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Picnic Party

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This Summer I’ve noticed an upswing in the amount of picnic-style parties, and why wouldn’t there be? A picnic party is easy, fun, and can very easily be casual or more formal. I’m hoping to host or attend at least one more before the Summer ends so I might have to start planning another, ha! With a successful picnic party under my belt, I’ve teamed up with World Market to share my 5 tips for throwing the perfect picnic party.

5 tips for throwing the perfect picnic party

1. Choose the perfect location.
Location matters! Any beautiful scenic location is good, provided it is easy to find for your guests, and offers protection from the elements. For my party I chose a well-known beach but stuck to a less busy part of it. The weather is typically pretty mild in that area and lucky for us, it was perfect for the picnic. If your location is more windy, I’d look for an area that is sheltered, like near a cliff. If it’s known for being sunny, come prepared with shade or find a more shady location. It pays to scout the location out ahead of time if it’s for a larger group of people.

5 tips for throwing the perfect picnic party

2. Get to know your guests beforehand.
How large will your guest list be? Do your guests have any dietary restrictions or special needs? Keep this in mind while planning your party. It will make your guests feel special, and like you went the extra mile to learn more about them and plan ahead. It will also help you plan the menu and be sure everyone is well fed, with less stress on you in the heat of the party.

5 tips for throwing the perfect picnic party

3. Quick and chic decor is best.
I wanted to keep the decor simple, so I went with some simple throws and low tables to keep the sand out of the food. I love these lanterns (see above), they’re super easy to carry and add the perfect ambiance. And don’t worry, the candles may look real but they are only LED. No lighter needed or safety concerns here. Add some outdoor pillows to cozy it up a bit and give your guests something to lean on.

5 tips for throwing the perfect picnic party

4. Think fashion and function.
Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you have to give up style. The beaches here don’t allow glass, so I used these stemless acrylic glasses. These 8″ plates were perfect to hold our lunch and stacked conveniently in their carrier for easy transport. To make the event feel more fancy, I used cloth napkins. These indigo blue buffet napkins were perfect for the occasion and matched the decor perfectly. For dirty dishes, I kept a galvanized drink container under the table. It made it really easy to carry them home to wash instead of worrying about rinsing them onsite.

5 tips for throwing the perfect picnic party

5. Easy Food for you and them.
Food should be both easy for you to make, and easy for your guests to eat. Unless you have a table and chairs set up, finger foods are easiest. I opted for a simple salad, chips, and easy to make baguette sandwiches. Be sure to use a mesh food cover to keep the bugs out, I chose this beautiful willow cover for our beach picnic.

Overall if you focus on these five areas, your picnic party should be a success. I think the common key element here is to plan ahead as much as possible so your big day will be stress free.

Have you hosted a picnic party? What are some of your best tips?

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This is the prettiest picnic I’ve ever seen! I love those lanterns!

Fizz and Frosting

what a darling set up!! I love the part about thinking about function! it can’t just be cute 😉
Southern Elle Style

I love it! I want to plan something just like it for a my pre-wedding celebration with close friends and family in Australia.


Loving the fashion and function rule. This post is totally inspiring me to do a picnic on the beach, so thanks for that!
Karen | GlamKaren.com

Such a beautiful array of photos, and good for you partnering with the lovely World Market. I love that place! While I’m not a big picnic fan in 110 degree weather, I imagine I could have a picnic when I travel to other countries so these tips are still helpful! xx Adaleta Avdic

Thanks Adaleta! Maybe you could do a picnic in a non-summer season (but also non monosoon sandstorm season too), lol. Or just come to California for one! 🙂

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