Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu

Jul 11, 2016

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With our upcoming trip to Oahu, I thought I’d take a moment to share a place we stayed at during our honeymoon on Oahu. We stayed in a beach cottage at Turtle Bay Resort for 5 days for the second half of our honeymoon. Years later and it’s still been one of my favorite places to stay. Perhaps it’s the honeymoon haze or our cottage’s close proximity to the blue-hued waters of Turtle Bay, but I still have a full heart when I remember our stay here. Everything was just right.

The rooms were very large and boasted 15ft ceilings, and ample space to bathe, sleep, and lounge. Each day our fruit bowl was refilled with local fair like lychee (yum!). Our private deck was perfect to sit and watch the sunset, or just hang out after a long day of exploring. There were also hammocks and other common areas to enjoy as well. Since we were in a cottage I felt like we were on our own and not bound by the constrains of a normal resort. We had all of the resort amenities at our fingertips, without the pressures to use them or the noise of other guests.

We booked a romantic seaside couples massage with a stunning view of the ocean at sunset, and rented snorkel equipment to explore the bay on our own. As a side note, I can not snorkel because I can not float. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve tried every trick in the book to learn but it just hasn’t happened. We rented gear and once we were in the bay swimming over sharp coral I managed to get water in my breathing tube and it was all downhill from there. I just remember something along the lines of choking on sea water and falling over, then getting scratched up by coral and almost drowning before I made it back to shore. I was screaming for my husbands help and he couldn’t figure out what was going on. I think it’s safe to say that I just avoid snorkeling at all costs now.

My very favorite part? Fresh baked cookies with turndown service every single night.

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This resort looks GORGEOUS. We’re potentially heading to Hawaii in the spring and this is giving me so much inspiration right now.

Molly | Hey There Sunshine

You always give the best travel photography. It’s like we’re right there with you.

just came back from Oahu! love it there. sorry to hear about your horrifying snorkeling experience. Turtle Bay Resort looks gorgeous!


Ooh, I hope you had fun! It’s totally fine now, I can look back and laugh and know better for next time, lol!

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