Nov 30, 2016

50 Gifts For Everyone on Your List

I still can’t believe it’s time to shop for gifts, I honestly have no clue how this year went by so quickly. I feel like only yesterday we were traveling for the Summer. Alas, I welcome the holidays with all of their sparkles and magic (and cookies) with open arms.

I’ve never really had a problem over-gifting during the holidays. I like to buy quality items that really resonate with the person who is receiving the gift. This year with the kids I’ve taken on the want, need, wear, read theory which sounded like a lot at first, but once I’ve actually started to narrow down items it makes more sense for me.

Gifts for Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends

I always do this gift guide with the men in my life in mind, whether it’s my husband, brother, or friends, there is bound to be something on this list that will make them smile. My personal favorite is the leather bicycle wine carrier, but that might be because I’m fantasizing about a warm Summer picnic in the middle of Winter, haha.

Perfect gifts for Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Cabins Book
This book combines beautiful photography, illustrations, and text to showcase minimal, low-impact possibilities and cabins across the globe. 

2. Hovership EXOPRO GoPro Camera Bumper
Protect your GoPro with this skin similar to a phone case. Available in a multitude of colors.

3. Black & Brass Globe
Elegant black and brass globe, perfect to add a touch of style to any shelf , side table, or office.

4. Brass Razor
Handcrafted in Germany, this razor has a textured handle and steel blade. Perfect gift for the guy who values craftsmanship.

5. Areaware Geometric Keychain
Crafted from brass, this keychain is designed by Karl Zahn for Areaware. It’s perfect to hold every key he has, and then some.

6. Men’s Society Damn Handsome Beard Kit
Encased in a gold tin, this beard kit has everything he needs to maintain a perfect beard. Includes a styling guide, beard oil, mustache wax, a handmade comb, and stainless steel scissors.

7. Trusco Teal Tool Box
This stylish case is made from enameled steel, which makes it strong and sturdy for everything from tools to art supplies. Latch can be secured with a small padlock.

8. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker
Compact speaker designed to resemble a classic guitar amp. Can be connected via bluetooth, RCA input, or using the auxiliary port on your phone.

9. Belmont Gold Plated Flask by Viski
Gold plated in all of it’s 6oz glory, this flask measures around 5″ tall and is sure to make him smile.

10. Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier
Designed by Jay Teske, this leather bicycle wine carrier is made of genuine leather with brass hardware and double handles for easy carrying. Made in U.S.A.

Gifts for Moms, Sisters, Friends

This part of my gift guide is my favorite, as I feel like I get to include some of my current favorites as well as some items on my personal holiday wishlist. One of the items I’m lusting after most this year is the double diamond ring from Ariel Gordon.

Perfect gifts for the women, sisters, and friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Cuyana Shimmer Leather Zipper Pouch
This pouch would be perfect for storing any goodies at home, packing them in your suitcase, or carrying on a nice evening out. I love that it’s not just beautiful, but multi-functional as well.

2. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer
Conveniently print 2×3-inch photos from your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere. Each print doubles as a sticker, ready to use on gifts, cards, and other fun projects.

3. Cuyana Baby Alpaca Travel Set
This set is made from baby alpaca, and feels so soft and cozy. It would be perfect for those long-haul flights or red-eyes that you really need some shut-eye on.

4. Olivia Von Halle Silk Pajama Set
Luxurious pajamas crafted from smooth silk-satin with black and champagne stripes and mother-of-pearl buttons. Perfect for cozying up at home.

5. Ariel Gordon Double Diamond Ring
This dainty Double Diamond Ring looks as good on its own as it does paired with other favorites.

6. Nude Leather Cord Keeper
This leather cord keeper is the perfect way to prevent tangles. Made from vegetable tanned leather, leather cord, and solid brass snaps.

7. Slip Embroidered Silk Pillowcase
This soft and luxurious silk pillowcase helps to prevent damage to the skin and hair while you sleep. It’s high up on my own personal wishlist.

8. Simone LeBlanc Staycation Gift Box
This mini staycation giftbox can help give the feeling of a serene getaway from the comfort of home. It includes a face mask, body scrub, botanicals, and a few other goodies to elevate your at-home experience.

9. Gourmand Fleur Monoï Hair & Body Mist
I picked this up from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and it smells so nice. The scent is soft and delicate, not overwhelming at all. I use it as a general perfume, not necessarily on my hair.

10. Bugaboo Storksak Leather Diaper Bag
For the stylish and minimal new mom or mom-to-be on your list. This bag has enough function to work perfect for baby but is stylish enough to carry while out on her own as well.

Gifts for Kids & Teens

Of all the people I buy for, I think my teenager, Aiden, is the hardest. He just turned 13 and I’m constantly torn between buying more adult-like items for him or more kid-like items. I feel like most of these are a good balance of both worlds. I’m most excited to gift him the Creation Crate subscription because he wants to be an engineer when he is older.

Perfect gifts for kids and teens. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Areaware Pencil & Eraser Stands
This stylish set is not only functional, but will look good when left out sitting on a desk as well. I love their fun color and geometric design. They’re perfect for a stocking stuffer.

2. DIY Letterboard iPhone Case
Customize your phone with this DIY Letterboard phone case! Includes case + letters so you can spell out whatever you like. Case snaps right into place to help protect your phone from bumps + scratches. UO exclusive

3. Fairy House Making Kit
Adorable fairy house kit, perfect to inspire a little magic in your little one. Made in Maine, USA.

4. Areaware Small Guthrie Cubebot
The boys already have a couple of these guys in a natural wood color from last year and as simple as it is, it’s one of their favorite little toys to play with.

5. Urbanears Bluetooth Headphones
Stylish headphones for your teen, no strings attached! Aiden’s desk is a dark gray color, so I thought that would match well too.

6. Women in Science
Highlights the contributions of fifty notable women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from the ancient to the modern world.

7. Acne Junior Eye Clock
Instead of hands, the eyes rotate around showing the hours and minutes.

8. 2017 Moon Phases Calendar
This large wall calendar is hand printed on 22″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper. Made in the USA. Signed by the artist, Christy Nyboer. Will still be beautiful long after the year is over.

9. Creation Crate Monthly Subscription
STEM based monthly subscription box. Every month a new project arrives with all the supplies needed to do it. Ideal for ages 12+. This is a gift I’m heavily considering for my older son who just turned 13 and loves engineering type stuff.

10. Wenge Kendama Wooden Toy
Classic Kendama hand turned from Wenge Wood in San Francisco, California.

Gifts for Baby & Toddler

I love shopping for this age group because everything is so cute and tiny. I’d say this guide is good from birth to around 4 or 5 years old. My little Søren falls into this age group and while he has a couple of these he loves, I’m really excited to give him Cubetto this year.

Perfect gifts for the babies and toddlers. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.


1. Goat Milk NYC Striped Organic Union Suit
Goat Milk is a favorite for my boys, and this organic striped union suit is a very favorite of mine to gift to new babies and toddlers alike.

2. Petite Pehr Pom Pom Bin
Durable and beautiful, these bins will be perfect for storage. Approximately 13″.

3. Rylee & Cru Pixie Hat in Dove
So adorable, made with love in Los Angeles, California.

4. Animalium: Welcome to the Museum
A guide to over 200 species in the animal kingdom, illustrated by Katie Scott.

5. Kikkerland Bear Travel Pillow
This adorable bear pillow reverses to a u-shaped neck pillow while in transit.

6. Moluk Plui Raincloud Tub Toy
This bathtub toy is simple and innovative in that after filling with water, if you place your hand on the top it stops the flow. Recommended for ages 2+

7. Oeuf Snake Plush
The only kind of snake I’d allow in my house, soft and cozy for a fun little friend.

8. Areaware Balancing Blocks
Design and baby friendly, in the most beautiful way. Ages 3+, but looks pretty baby safe.

9. Glow in the Dark Magnatab
Fun at home or on the go, I think kids love anything that glows-in-the-dark.

10. Cubetto
Early coding and problem solving for young kids, without a screen to deal with. This is our big gift for Søren this year.

Gifts for Pets

We have two dogs and a cat. I’m such a sucker for smart and well-designed pet gear. I love stuff that looks good, they like, and that makes our life easier. Hopefully all of these items fall into at least one of those categories.

Perfect gifts for stylish and modern pets. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Hither Rabbit Personalized Dog Toys
Personalized with your pets name and made of cotton & wool blend fabric for high durability during rough play.

2. Field Work Leather Dog Leash
Crafted from rugged 14oz vegetable-tanned leather with an industrial grade swivel clip and hammered brass rivets. Lifetime guaranteed.

3. Paw Print Illustration Custom Pet Portrait
Custom pet portrait in a digital painting style. All you need is a clear photo of your furry (or scaly) little one. Frame not included. Handmade in the UK.

4. Natural Feather Cat Toy
Handmade of natural materials in Estonia, this cat toy will keep your furry friend entertained, and it’s easy to look at as well. Hand not included.

5. Pipolli Grid Blanket
The cutest little black & white grid blanket for your pup or cat. So very tempted to pick this up for our fur babies.

6. Dinosaur Rope Dog Toy
100% chemical-free cotton rope. Can be dipped in water and frozen. 10% of the proceeds donated to rescue groups helping pets find forever homes.

7. Wooden Cat Cubby
Solid wood, wall-mounted cat cubby. Finished with a low VOC clear acrlyic finish for easy cleaning, the outer dimensions are approximately 19″.

8. Design Dua Pet Bed
Made from natural elephant grass and dyes this pet bed is beautifully handcrafted for your dog or cat. Basket comes with a fitted cushion. Handmade with love in Ghana.

9. Blinkthings Hand-Stamped Brass ID Tag
Hand-cut and hand-stamped solid brass pet ID tag. Can be personalized with your pet’s name.

10. Petnet SmartFeeder
We’ve been using this Petnet Smartfeeder for our cat for almost a year now and it’s made it so much easier to travel and not worry about our cat. The SmartFeeder helps you manage feeding times, portion sizes, proper ingredients, all from an app on your phone.

Do you have anything picked out for a special someone this year?

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I love the luxe gold wrapping paper and that flask. I would get SO much use out of that throughout the year. 😉

This a great gift guide! Guys can be SO hard to shop for but I think all of your choices are great picks!


This is a great gift guide!! You have picked out some really cool and interesting gift ideas that are also unique. I love the globe and iPhone case.

This is quite the list! I would love to have that portable photo printer.


I’ve been using mine for a few months now, and it’s super fun to have on hand at events, etc.

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