Dec 01, 2016

How I Pack My Suitcase

How I pack my suitcase, start to finish
Over time on my blog I’ve shared a lot about different aspects of my travels and packing, from packing lists to how to pack individual items like beauty goodies. I’ve been asked a few times to share how exactly I pack my suitcase, so today I’m sharing how I pack my suitcase.

Research & gather items.
I usually follow the weather in where I’ll be for a week or two beforehand, then check it again the day I’m packing. I also start to gather some items I know I might need so they’re ready for my trip. I begin packing by laying all items out on my bed, and then organize them in columns and rows by day and activity. I always use the same system, I call my travel grid to lay my items out by day and outfit. It makes it really easy to see exactly what you’re packing and what items you may be missing (especially pajamas and intimates!).

How I pack my suitcase, start to finish

Plan outfits ahead of time.
Next, I lay my outfits out to make sure that they look good, and match the activity and weather planned for that day. Obviously plans and the weather can change, but it helps me to see it visually so I’m not rummaging around my suitcase later or taking longer than I need to get ready for the day.

How I pack my suitcase, start to finish

Use an organizer.
I alternate between using basic packing cubes and a flat-pack clothing organizer to keep all of my clothes neatly stacked, in order of when I’ll wear them, and in one place. It also helps so that if you have to open your bag later, your clothes don’t fly out everywhere or make a mess. Sometimes I have my little ones share a suitcase, so packing cubes also helps to keep their clothing separate.

Pack intimates.
I prefer to pack these separately from my other clothing, and with as often as I travel, I have a few go-to favorites for my travels. I don’t go to great lengths to make sure they aren’t smushed, but I can’t imagine how embarrassing it would be to have them all spill out when I open my suitcase, so I pack them in a zipper bag.

Pack other items.
I pack my electronics in their own bag, and my beauty items too (makeup in one, liquids in one, and other accessories in another). Anything else goes loose in my suitcase or personal item, but there are very few items that don’t fit into the above categories.

My method might not be perfect for you, but it’s worked really well for me. Over time you’ll be able to find your own packing groove and learn what works best for you.

Do you have a special way to pack your suitcase?  I’d love to hear any shortcuts or helpful tips you might have to share.

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We always have problem in suitcase packing and I’m very bad it, so my husband does it. With these tricks I will try it next time. Nice post…

I’ve actually had my intimates fall all over the place when they open your bag at security. I need to get a zippered bag for those.

Usually, I pack like you do, but there are times I do not prepare my outfits before the trip and then it’s a huge disaster afterward. I think I’d like to buy the flat-pack clothing organizer. I’m sure it makes packing much easier.

I love these tips!! With how much I travel planning out my outfits is so important to making sure the trip goes well.

Great way to organize your packing and what you wear when you travel. I noticed that you picked colors that will go well with each other so you can get the most out of every item you pack. I need to do that more when I travel.

Boy, I thought I was organized when it came to packing, but you have me beat by a long shot. I usually do a trial run with packing a week beforehand, to make sure I can fit all the must-haves. Then I add on the nice to haves until I’m out of space. I love your way!

I just throw my clothes in the suitcase. I don’t plan much unless i need to actually pack good clothes. For kids, i do but not myself.

I would NEVER show you my packed suitcase. You would probably faint. It looks like a bomb blew up and it all landed in my suitcase.

Hahaha. I’m too scared to be a messy packer. I have nightmares that one day my suitcase will bust open or I’ll have to open it for security and my underwear will fly out or something.

I have got to get a couple packing cubes! I have never heard of them and they sound fantastically helpful. So practical.

I don’t understand how people pack without planning actual oufits- my husband is one of them!! haha
Southern Elle Style

I know, right? Mine just counts out T-Shirts and jeans, haha.

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