Dec 02, 2017

50 Gifts for Everyone

Perfect Christmas gifts for everyone you need to shop for.

Every year I feel like the holidays sneak up on me. This year I’ve done a lot of thinking ahead of time about thoughtful gifts to give to someone. Today I’m sharing my favorite 50 gifts for everyone, from dads to sisters to kids and babies and even furry little ones.

I feel like I’m always pretty intuitive when I give gifts, and really strive hard to gift something that someone will enjoy. This year I’ve tried to keep each item around $100 or less, but there are a few quality items that reach closer to the $150 mark. These gifts might be perfect for someone who is really close to you that you’ve reserved a little more budget for.

Perfect Christmas gifts for everyone you need to shop for. Perfect Christmas gifts for everyone you need to shop for.

Gifts for Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends

This year I’ve really tried to choose something that could be great for any type of guy and I’ve pulled inspiration for some from our personal travels (Iceland, anyone?). Either way I hope you find something that is sure to put a smile on his face. My personal favorite is the collapsible bicycle helmet, how genius is that?

Perfect gifts for Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Osaka Concrete Pour Over Coffee Maker
As a minimalist pour-over coffee snob, this stylish coffee maker pulls on my heart-strings, almost enough to get me to give up my beloved Chemex.

2. Leatherhead Black Football
This cool leather football is perfect for the sports-loving dudes in your life. Can be used as a collectors item, but what fun is that? If you really want to make their dreams come true, have it autographed by their favorite player.

3. Everlane Hooded Puffer Jacket
With their goal of radical transparency, Everlane is one of my favorite stores to shop at. I love this hooded puffer for him, it’s soft, cozy, and warm.

4. Peak Marble Collins Ice Tray
This ice tray makes big blocks of ice that stay cold for a longer period in your drink. Lidded to help keep your ice clean and fresh (and stackable!).

5. Skandinavisk Natur Mini Candle Trio
I fell in love with this line during a trip to Copenhagen, and this mini candle trio brings all the scents of Scandinavian nature home.

6. Cult Paper Rock On Poster
Rock on! This cult-classic symbol of rock is sure to bring a smile to any lover of rock music. Poster is available in smaller sizes for a desk area or larger to hang proudly on the wall.

7. Closca Collapsible Bicycle Helmet
This stylish helmet is perfect for the avid bicycler who doesn’t have a lot of space to store a helmet. Vented for good air flow, this helmet also collapses down for easy storage.

8. Icewear Elis Icelandic Wool Sweater
Inspired by our trip to Iceland, Icewear is a very popular brand and these wool sweaters are an iconic representation for Icelandic fashion.

9. Handy Hammer Tool
Not only is this hammer beautiful and handy, it includes a few other tools to help around the house as well.

10. Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners
These feel-good shoes are lightweight, breathable, and fit your ever move. Sizing suggestion is to size up!

Gifts for Moms, Sisters, Friends

This part of my gift guide is my favorite, as I feel like I get to include some of my current favorites as well as some items on my personal holiday wishlist. One of the items I’m lusting after most this year is the double diamond ring from Ariel Gordon.

Perfect gifts for the women, sisters, and friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Everlane Cashmere V-Neck Sweater
This super soft cashmere sweater features a v-neck cut and a relaxed fit that is perfect to flatter anyone. It’s a relaxed fit, so if you want something slightly relaxed, stay true to size, but for a looser fit you should size up one size.

2. Ilia Lust for Life Lipstick
I discovered this universally flattering shade during the Fall and haven’t put it down since. It’s a velvety rich color that is flattering for everyone and to top it off, it’s a clean and safe beauty option!

3. Slip Silk Sleep Mask
This set is made from baby alpaca, and feels so soft and cozy. It would be perfect for those long-haul flights or red-eyes that you really need some shut-eye on.

4. Ariel Gordon Jewelry Silhouette Ring
Crafted in Los Angeles of 14k yellow gold, this thin and dainty ring is available in circle, heart, oval, or teardrop.

5. Fig + Yarrow Rose Hassoul Clay Mask
The combination of highly mineralizing French Rose and Rhassoul clays provide the skin with essential nutrients to restore your radiant glow from within. This line is super clean and I use many of their products in my skin care!

6. Skandinavisk Hygge Candle
Who thinks hygge is only for Winter? This candle will bring the scent of “Danish DNA” to your home throughout the year. A personal favorite!

7. Cuyana Long Sleep Set
These seriously soft and luxurious pajamas are perfect down to every last detail. They even come with a pouch perfect for travel or gifting.

8. Structured Leather Box
This is not a jewelry box, but I use mine as one. It holds all of my jewelry, watches, etc. with ease, plus it can be monogrammed!

9. Leon & George Monstera Deliciousa
A beautiful 3ft tall monstera plant that comes potted in a beautifully designed Modernica Case Study pot. Also includes a 30 day warranty and plant support for it’s lifetime.

10. Mahabis Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Slipper
My trusty wool slippers are finally on their last leg, after years of use, so I’ve had my eye on these beauties. They come with a removable sole so you can wear them outside without worry. Pro tip: size up!

Gifts for Kids & Teens

This year we’ve scaled back a lot on gifts for the kids. Aiden is 14 and likes more adult-like items, but I think this gift guide is a good mix for kids ages 7-15.

Perfect gifts for kids and teens. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Kikkerland Mini Doodle Kit
Travel-loving and adventurous nature kids will love this set. Includes paper and color pencils for them to be creative on the go.

2. Cavallini DIY Poster Set
Also available in a horizontal orientation, this kit is perfect for the budding artist and allows them an easy and attractive way to display their work.

3. This is London
The “This is” set by M. Sasek is one of my very favorite line of books for kids. They’re beautifully illustrated and look as wonderful displayed on a shelf as they do in your little ones hands while they learn more about the world around them.

4. Black Dragon Wings
Wireless and whimsical wings for your little one to play out their favorite fantasies, whether it’s on Halloween or any other day of the year.

5. Animals of a Bygone Era
Kids of any age I feel like can appreciate a good informational book about animals. This one is even more fascinating because it focuses on animals that aren’t around anymore, and it’s illustrated by the talented Maja Säfström.

6. Lego Technic Power Functions
Hear me out on this one, this set allows your kids to motorize, light up, and control their legos in whatever way they can imagine. My boys have been making RC cars and other machines.

7. Playtape 3-road Bundle
We picked up some of these for the kids stockings last year and they’re a bigger hit than giant plastic car track sets and they take up less space.

8. Wooden Puffin Figure
Perhaps I’m missing Iceland a little, but this adorable puffin figurine reminds me so much of our trip there and it looks adorable sitting on a shelf. My older son has asked for one a few times.

9. This Is How We Do It
A book about a single day in the life of seven different kids around the world.

10. Classic Jacks Game
I feel like these games have been around for so long because they are still loved by kids of every age.

Gifts for Baby & Toddler

Søren is in kindergarten, so he’s still a little in-between for gifts. He worships his older brother though so he tends to favor bigger kid stuff. This age group is one of my favorites because kids are still so young even though they’re hitting milestones and making life advances so quickly.

Perfect gifts for the babies and toddlers. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.


1. Apple Music Box
Hand crocheted from organic cotton, this music box will play Brahms’ Lullaby softly on-demand for your little one.

2. Playforever Mini 706 Speedy Le Mans Car
Made to emulate the classic racing coupe with rubber tires, racing stripes, and a hand-polished silvertone metallic finish, this car will be beautiful long after they’re done with it. 

3. Wooden Doctor Play Set
An adorable wooden doctor set to encourage imaginative play in your little one. Søren still brings his doctor set out when I am feeling under the weather.

4. Artifact Uprising | The Story of You
An interactive photo journal for baby’s first year and beyond. Includes a complimentary set of photo prints to help get you started.

5. Organic Cotton Knit Star Blanket
This beautiful organic cotton star blanket is reversible and is in a sweet constellation print.

6. Beluga Cat Cardigan by Iglo + Indi
I found this brand during our trip to Iceland (I know..) and have been in love with their kids products ever since.

7. Kids Toy Wooden Workbench
One of the most beautiful (and affordable! $99!) pretend workbenches I’ve come across, and it includes all of the tools. 

8. Manhattan Toy Modular Dollhouse
Not limited by the fixed walls of a traditional dollhouse, this modern take is made from wood and modular, perfect for a little one with ideas of their own.

9. Foam Earth Ball
Not only is it fun to roll across the floor, but I’m all for anything that helps my little one question the world around them. Ages 3+.

10. Crochet Camera Bag
Is it weird that I kind of would like this for myself? Ha. This camera bag doubles as a pretend-play item and as a place to store their found treasures.

Gifts for Pets

With two dogs at home, our house is pretty pet-focused. I love that these items are well designed and functional.

Perfect gifts for stylish and modern pets. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Wool Felted Dog Balls
Handmade wool ball colored with all-natural vegetable dyes provides employment to craftswomen in Nepal. Yes!

2. Ballouch Black & White Dog Collar
Crafted from two-tone French leather with hand-painted edges and stainless steel hardware..

3. Tug-A-Beast Rope Toy
Made with 100% cotton and all natural vegetable dyes, it’s safe and fun for your fur baby.

4. Animal Storage Jar
Made from stoneware, this jar is a whimsical way to store fido’s favorite treats.

5. I Like Dogs Tee
I like dogs, do you like dogs? How will everyone know that you like dogs if you don’t wear a t-shirt that says it?

6. Hamburger Dog Toy
Designed in NYC by Ware of the Dog, this burger is made from lambswool and natural vegetable dyes.

7. Good Dog Ceramic Dish
If Fido could read, he’d be so happy for your seal of approval at the end of his meal. Good dog!

8. Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher
Made from recycled cardboard, a guilt free cat-scratcher featuring a hefty stone base. You can even order a replacement scratching sleeve once this one has reached the end of it’s life.

9. Cat Hammock X-Style Bed
A luxury hammock for your fabulous feline princess to snooze the day away.

10. Piazza Shadow Dog Bed
This tufted bed comes in many sizes and colors and mimic’s the look of a standard floor cushion. It’s perfect because my dogs only prefer beds that look like it’s for humans.

Perfect Christmas gifts for everyone you need to shop for.

Do you have anything picked out for a special someone this year? 

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Fantastic suggestions! My hubby would love that hammer tool, and I need that Leon & George Monstera Delicious for myself, please!

Thee are great gift ideas! I especially like the men’s wool running shoes I’m going to purchase them for my nephew.

I have a pair myself and they are so temperate that my feet never sweat, not even on all day walks or running.

I like those men options. We don’t exchange gifts w/ much of my extended family, so the few I do buy for, I tend to go higher end like these.

My son would love the Everlane hooded Puffer Jacket he likes to be in style yet he is out in the weather often. My daughter would adore the Ariel Gordon Jewelry Silhouette Ring she fancies things like this. I would love the 3 ft plant, and so much more. You really did cover everyone.

Amazing post, These gifts are awesome. The gifts for pets are really cute, I am thinking to gift Hamburger Dog Toy to my pet on new year eve. Also, I have got some ideas for giving presents to my friends.

All of this stuff is so good!! Thanks for sharing.

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