Dec 05, 2017

Favorite Winter Travel Wanderlust

Travel Light - Pack for Winter in Paris. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry-on.

Winter can be such a wonderful time to travel, and I’m a huge fan of winter white destinations. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite winter travel inspired posts, so if you love to get lost in a cold destination wonderland, check these out:

  1. 9 of the World’s Most Romantic Winter Wonderlands
  2. Travel Light, Packing for a Ski Trip
  3. 5 Days in Paris, A Romantic Guide
  4. Chasing the Aurora Borealis in the Finnish Wilderness
  5. Packing for Iceland in the Winter
  6. 2017 is Your Best Chance to See the Northern Lights for a Decade
  7. Visit Finnish Lapland
  8. Winter Packing List on a Budget
  9. The Best Christmas Markets in Europe
  10. Northern Lights Photos of 2016

What are some of your favorite Winter travel destinations? What are your favorite winter items to pack?

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Traveling in the winter is not something that I’ve tried but I bet it would be pretty amazing. I think Iceland would be a perfect spot for winter traveling,

have heard a lot about traveling when it is not in season. The fact that it its not as crowded

Yes, going places in the off-season is way better as long as the weather is tolerable enough to be able to explore.

We always like to go to Hawaii during the winter! The weather is mild and they do get rain showers, but wearing shorts in the winter seems so wrong that it’s fun!

I don’t think we have traveled during winter anywhere specifically. We usually stay home until spring / summer and then do vacation. I would love to go to NYC during winter someday though.

I love traveling in the off season! Aside from skiing holidays, winter is an underrated travel season in my opinion. I think Rome is awesome in winter. It’s not sweltering hot and the tourist are thinner than during most other times of the year.

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