Jan 08, 2016

Winter Packing List On A Budget

Winter packing list on a budget. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry on, at a price that you can afford! Every item under $50.

1. American Apparel Sunglasses $45 / 2. American Apparel Strappy Cami $26 / 3. Everlane Slouchy Pocket Tee $25 / 4. Everlane The Cotton V $15 / 5. H&M Organic Cotton Striped Tee $12.99 / 6. H&M V-Neck Blouse $9.99 / 7. H&M V-Neck Blouse $19.99 / 8. H&M Fine Knit Sweater $14.99 / 9. H&M Conscious Cardigan $12.99 / 10. H&M Conscious Turtleneck Sweater $19.99 / 11. American Apparel Tent Dress $54 / 12. H&M Conscious Ribbed Jersey Dress $29.99 / 13. Dark Denim $19.99 / 14. Skinny Black Denim $39.99 / 15. Olive Trench Coat $49.99 (or something warmer H&M Wool-Blend Coat $29.99)/ 16. H&M Textured Cardigan $39.99 / 17. Everlane Chunky Wool Scarf $50 / 18. Street Level Faux Leather Tote $44 / 19. Topshop Leather Ankle Boot $44.99 / 20. BP Pointed Toe Flats $49.95

I’ve always been a less price conscious shopper, but I realize this may not work for everyone. I’ve had a few requests to do a budget conscious packing list, so I’ve put together a Winter packing list on a budget! I plan to do one for every season. All of the items (with the exception of one) are under $50. You could also toss in a pair of winter leggings to wear with the dresses and booties. As always, you can shop the items above or below!

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Hey Jessica, I’m increasingly interested in the packing light method as I haven’t been one at all! I’m heading to Iceland and NYC end of next month (APR) so any tips on how i could achieve that especially when the climates are so different? Thanks xx

Love love this!

love the photograph with the light in the trees!

The light is so beautiful in it!

This would make for a cold winter trip! No parka and no socks with open shoes? Brrr

I don’t count socks as an item since they’re an undergarment. This list is very layer-able and would work just fine here (West coast, USA) in the Winter. I did link to a wool-blend coat next to the olive one and I have a much warmer ski trip packing list here. It’s also hard to find a decent parka for under $50. 🙂

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