Dec 07, 2017

How to Make a Wine Bouquet

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[dropcap2_large]A[/dropcap2_large] couple of months ago we were invited to a housewarming party and on top of not having a gift for our friends, I had no time to stop to grab something on the way. Luckily I had a bottle of wine handy and plenty of flowers available, so I made a wine bouquet for them. Yes, a bouquet made from a wine bottle, ha. Today I’m sharing how quickly and easily you can make your own wine bouquet, a perfect gift for the hostess or host of any holiday festivities you may be attending.

Supplies (for a Wine Bouquet):

  • Parchment paper, I prefer kraft or natural since it’s less stark in aesthetic.
  • Ribbon for tieing your bouquet. You’ll need about 12″-20″ depending on if you want a bow.
  • A bottle of wine! I love the Gérard Bertrand Cote des Roses line because it blends right in.
  • Greenery, I love mixing different eucalyptus styles, as it is pretty affordable and covers the bottle nicely.
  • Florals. Picking some larger focus flowers like this amyrillis is perfect because it’s festive and easy to arrange.
  • A cutting tool such as floral clippers, but if you’re in a pinch scissors or a sharp knife can work too.

Method (How to Make a Wine Bouquet):

1. Begin by rolling out about 18″ of your parchment paper. Do not cut it yet.
2. Add your wine bottle near the edge, bottom up.
3. Add a focus floral, as this will help to hide your bottle.
4. Begin rolling the paper toward the parchment paper box so you can roll out more as needed.
5. Add more greenery and florals as you slowly roll the bottle. Be sure that the bottle is not riding up, the paper should be looser around the neck of the bottle.
6. Continue rolling your bottle and florals until the bottle is entirely covered.
7. Twist your parchment paper at the neck of the bottle so that it is tighter at the bottom and easy to grasp the bottle without it slipping up.
8. Hold the paper tight in place while you tie your ribbon around the neck.
9. Add a nice not for the recipient if you’d like.
10. Very carefully gift the bouquet. I like to whisper to the recipient that it is heavier than it looks while giving a little wink.

Do you have an easy go-to gift for a hostess or host? What is it?

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This is such a creative idea and it is also so festive. I would love to gift this to the hostess or host for any event that I attend with the family.

What a lovely presentation. I’m always taking a bottle of wine as a hostess gift and this is such a creative way to make it special.

What a wonderful idea!! We typically bring a bottle of wine when visiting friends and family. This beautiful “bouquet” you can build yourself would be appreciated by any hostess. Thanks for the great idea.

SO creative. I am a wine lover so I would LOVE this gift if it was given to me. I also love that this DIY gift idea can be used year round. Great idea and totally giving it a try for a birthday gift next month.

WOW, not only is this creative, this is a great idea! My friend just moved into a new home and we have been invited to her house warning party and this would be Awesome to add to my gift. Thanks so much for sharing, so beautiful and simple to create, love the images. I like it because its unique and I know I’ve never seen a wine bouquet like this before!!

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