50 Perfect Gifts For Everyone

Perfect gifts for the moms, sisters, wives, girlfriends, or friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

I know I’ve already shared my Feel Good Shopping Guide, but I thought I’d also take a minute to share a few perfect gifts for everyone on your list this season. I’ve tried to include a wide range of products, but most are heavily influenced by what I’d buy for those in my immediate family.

Gifts for Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends

I’m a little partial to choosing stuff my husband or brother might like, but hopefully yours would too! My favorite here is the Brass iPhone case or the happy hour mixing system, perfect for an adventurous guy.

Perfect gifts for the dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, or just friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Hovership 3D Fly DIY Micro Drone

The 3DFLY is a micro drone kit perfect for beginners, maker groups and all RC hobbyists! The airframe is 3D printable (print it yourself with #10!) and it’s small size will fit on most printer beds. Simple to build and safe to fly indoors and outdoors. This kit requires basic soldering skills and some setup via a computer.

2. American Apparel Recycled Yarn Boot Sock
Who doesn’t love comfy socks? These should keep his feet nice and warm this winter.

3. Stanley Happy Hour System
Perfect for the outdoor adventurer, Stanley products are built for life. Whether it’s surviving another outdoor adventure or serving as a reliable must-have for tailgating season, they’ll last. Pairs perfect with the book titled, “Cocktails on Tap”.

4. Aēsop Sage & Zinc Hydrating Creme 
I can’t tell you how many times I remind the men in my life to take care of their skin. Sometimes I feel like a nag, but in 20 years they will thank me. The scent in this is very mild and the feel is heavenly.

5. ReVisit Black iPhone Case
Made from brass and plastic, this iPhone 6 bumper is crafted in Michigan and California. A highly protective case, it installs with a custom brass screwdriver and four handmade screws. Inspired by natural beauty, ReVisit gives 25% of their profits to help preserve the future of National Parks.

6. Kelvin K23 Urban Multi-Tool
A perfect tool to have around the house for any small job. We keep our tools in the garage, but keep a Kelvin K23 in the house. Not only does it have a ton of uses, it fits in the palm of your hand.

7. Chunky Wool Beanie
Made from Italian-spun Merino wool, this is a perfect cold-weather accessory. Washes easily by hand, and the heathered look makes it easy to keep clean.

8. Coyuchi Men’s Flannel Pajama Set
These organic cotton flannel offer a velvety feel with a notched collar and patch pocket, closed off with mother-of-pearl buttons. GOTS certified, featured on my Feel Good Shopping Guide.

9. 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler
Perfect for the craft beer enthusiast, this vacuum growler makes it easy to transport and keep your brews cold for 24 hours. Made from 18/8 steel and naturally BPA free.

10. M3D Micro 3D Printer
This 3d printer is perfect for the tech-inclined artist or engineer, letting their creations become tangible. Our pre-teen son Aiden received one for his last birthday and has been printing away, making his ideas a reality.

Perfect gifts for the dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, or just friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

Gifts for Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends

My mom isn’t the girliest, so this list is a little more of a wishlist for myself.

Perfect gifts for the moms, sisters, wives, girlfriends, or friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Aster & Bay Rosewater Mist
This Rosewater Mist has such a beautiful scent, as well as a multitude of uses. Bulgarian rosewater has been known to calm inflamed skin and relieve stress. It is also perfect to treat sunburns, rosacea, acne and eczema. Aster & Bay’s products are concocted from raw plant ingredients and entirely developed and assembled in Atlanta, Georgia.

2. Ban.do Rose Gold Bobbi Pins
Keep your hair in place with these fun rose gold bobbi pins! Set of 26 rose gold metallic pins.

3. Cuyana Leather Tassel Keychain
Good things come in small packages, and this leather tassel keychain is elegant proof. Made in Italy with smooth Italian leather, this small accessory add-on combines gold hardware details, clean, fringed lines, and a made-for-monogramming small leather tag to result in a holiday gift that is simple yet meaningful, easy yet thoughtful.

4. Favorite Bubbles & Stemless Pink Champagne Flute
An easy gift for the entertainer or hostess on your list, or anyone who likes to feel special every now and then. Perfect to gift for Christmas, New Years, or at any holiday parties.

5. Ban.do Portable Charger
Handy portable charger to give your iPhone a boost when you need it most. Ban.do specializes in gifts and accessories that pack a stylish punch.

6. Madewell Oversized Hepcat Sunglasses
Universally flattering, these timeless sunnies are a cool shade of light gray, for an easy transition from season to season.

7. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box
Copper and concrete two-compartment jewelry box. Each section is lined and is perfect for storing your often-worn jewelry.

8. Little River Sock Mill Solid Slouch Sock
Made from organic cotton in Fort Payne, Alabama by a second-generation family-run sock company.  Sustainable practices, sophisticated knits, and the desire to preserve a town’s legacy, these socks are comfortable and inspired.

9. Marble iPhone Case
This is the ultimate soft case, with a tough exterior. Scratch resistant & easy to snap on, I’ve had this on my phone for quite some time and it’s still in great shape (and so is my phone!).

10. Tangram Travel Organizer
Geometric shapes provides portable, flat storage with a variety of pocket sizes for jewelry, cosmetics or toiletries. Tangram has an elastic loop which acts as a hook when it is open and a closure when it is folded. Designed by Laura Carwardine for Umbra.

Perfect gifts for the moms, sisters, wives, girlfriends, or friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

Gifts for Kids & Teens

My son Aiden is 12, so we’ve done the kid phase and have moved on to the pre-teen phase. It’s such an awkward phase for them, but I think he’d love any of these goodies.

Perfect gifts for the cool kids & teens in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Makey Makey Invention Kit
A simple Invention Kit for Beginners or Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless, and our son Aiden loves to make things from random objects around the house.

2. Hand Boiler
This science related trinket is sure to wow younger kids (who are safe to hold glass). Place the item in the plam of your hand to watch the liquid “boil” to the top. Set it back down on a normal surface and it will slide back down.

3. Wood Bike Storage Rack
A space saver and display item all at once. Handcrafted of solid sustainable plantation-grown shesham wood, rack is notched to hook onto your crossbar. A favorite for bike enthusiasts of any age.

4. Sailing Ship Kite
The Sail Ship kite is a traditional style kite made from locally sourced bamboo and nylon and handmade by craftsman on the island of Bali. It can be used to fly in the sky on a dry, windy day, or anchored indoors during rougher weather as a mobile.

5. Lego Space Needle
Created for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space needle is the fourth in the LEGO Architecture Landmark series of real-world construction models. Built out of gray bricks, the assembled Space Needle stands 8.7″ tall.

6. Neon Green Wood Slingshot & Felt Slingshot Ammo
Each one-of-a-kind slingshot is handmade in San Francisco from forked tree branches, carefully airbrushed with acrylic paint, and outfitted with a leather projectile pouch using natural latex tubing and imitation sinew. Perfect for hiking and camping trips, powerful enough for slingshot hunting. Felt ball ammo is fun for indoors and comes in a pack of 13.

7. Domino Set
28 piece handcrafted wood domino set comes in a wooden storage box. This makes a perfect small gift for nieces or nephews.

8. Urbanears Humlan Headphones
Brand new concept in headphones from Urbanears featuring headband and ear cushions that can be removed and thrown in with the wash. Includes sound sharing and a microphone with remote.

9. Handmade Leather Football
These footballs are handmade one at a time from start to finish by Paul Cunningham, who maintains high standards and checks for quality at every step. These balls are much softer than NFL style game balls, and are made to be thrown between friends or family.

10. Instax Mini 8 Camera
These Instax Mini cameras are the perfect addition for any teen who loves to document their adventures in life. The instant-print photos are perfect for sharing, decorating, or even using as gift decorations.

Perfect gifts for the cool kids & teens in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

Gifts for Baby & Toddlers

My youngest son, Søren, is 3 and a half years old now. He’s mostly into making trouble, but when he does play with his toys he enjoys this type of stuff.

Perfect gifts for the curious babies & toddlers in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Norwegian Archipelago Set
Made in Norway, these toys are crafted from solid beechwood, which is sourced from an FSC-certified supplier. The forms are clean, simple and bold, yet maintain a distinct aesthetic. This set is beautiful enough for adults, yet playful enough for kids.

2. Tegu Prism Pouch Set
The perfect toy for building on-the-go! The Pocket Pouch Prism includes a beautiful felt pouch made for travel, and it includes 2 parallelograms and 4 triangular prisms. Made to fit in almost any pocket, the Pocket Pouch Prism is sure to keep hands (and minds) of all ages fully occupied.

3. Eco-Dough
Eco-Dough is the all natural way for kids to get down right creative. Made from all natural plant and vegetable based ingredients in Portland, Me, Eco-Dough is chemical-free. Essential oils keep the earthy and vibrantly colored dough soft and pliable and provide a light aroma. With Eco-dough you can have peace of mind that that your child will have fun without absorbing toxic chemicals.

4. Schleich Tinker Stallion Toy Figure
I like to collect “animals” for Søren to play with. He’s had favorites over the years, but currently loves this horse one. He uses it as transportation for any of his action figures, and like a pet in other imaginative play.

5. Freshly Picked Moccasins
Søren’s favorite shoes have been his FP moccs, I swear sometimes he is such a little shoe diva. But I digress, they are my favorites too because when he outgrows them his footprint is left on the underside, freezing that block of time for me.

6. Not a Box
A box is just a box . . . unless it’s not a box. This is one of Søren’s favorite reads, and I even hosted a birthday party based on it.

7. Twig Co. Wooden Toy Camera
Children learn as they play and our classic wooden toy cameras encourage children to get outside and toy with nature, because no device can replace the wonders of a child’s imagination. Each is made from solid cherry wood with movable knobs, pushable buttons, and a rotating view finder.

8. Handmade Picking Basket
The beauty of a basket is in its versatility and utility. This picking basket, well-built for the garden’s bounty, is an easy way for kids to transport anything they can imagine from one room to the next.

9. Timo Handmade Sparkling Star
This modern Teething Star is a soft fabric spikes ball, perfect for a growing baby. Each ball is made individually, with love and special attention to detail. They are made from the finest materials, chosen with great care: a mix of new and ‎vintage fabrics, with a preference to recycled materials.‎

10. Dog Flashlight
Brilliant red dog is inspired by an old Korean folktale that explains the creation of solar and lunar eclipses. Flashlights are a no-brainer win-win when it comes to toddlers.

Perfect gifts for the curious babies & toddlers in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

Gifts for Pets

We have two dogs and a cat, so we’ve had our fair share of pet goods come through the house. I’d love any of these for our furry friends, and am actually torn between the two cat beds. I’m leaning more towards the basket.

Perfect gifts for the furry friends in your life. Part of a well-curated gift guide for everyone in your life.

1. Rag Cat Basket
Beautifully crafted from cotton, it comes replete with a luxe fleece insert that promises to keep your furry friend nice and warm during the chilly months.

2. FlamingoOctopus & Knot Dog Toys
Jax & Bones Flamingo and Octopus toys are hand-tied and dyed using vegetable dyes. As your dog chews, these toys unravel and act as doggie dental floss! Dip these toys in water and freeze to cool down a hot dog or soothe a teether. Harry Barker knot dog toy made from durable, azo-free recycled cotton yarn for long-lasting fun with your best friend.

3. Pug Ornament Collectible
Precious pooch in delicate glass makes a sweet keepsake ornament for any dog lover.

4. Tweed Grey Travel Blanket
Handcrafted in Berlin using high quality textiles from controlled organic farming, this roll up travel blanket is perfect for the dog on the go. The outer fabric is made of 70% recycled hemp and 30% organic cotton tweed, while the lying surface is a soft 100% natural undyed sheared sheep’s wool.

5. Romy & Jacob Dog Raincoat
If there’s anything I hate more than mud on my floor, it’s wet dog mess! This adorable raincoat will keep your pup dry through the rainy season.

6. Billy Wolf Bandana
A traditional square bandana with navy stripes and cream stitching, for your furry best friend. This bandana looks almost as adorable as the rain coat above and can be soaked in water to help cool them in the Summer.

7. Cloud 7 Sleepy Pet Bed
Crafted from a hemp cotton mix with genuine leather handles, this tweed grey design will fit subtly into any decor. Machine washable and available in 4 sizes.

8. Concrete Pet Bowls
Each bowl is crafted of recycled glass fiber reinforced concrete and sealed with a food safe organic sealer. Included is a stainless steel liner and is intended to be used inside the concrete bowl. With this design you have the advantage of a weighty concrete bowl so your pet won’t knock it over, while the stainless steel liner makes cleanup a breeze. When you purchase a Concrete Designs product, you are “doing good” for your animals, your environment and our wounded veterans!

9. Ombre Collar and Adjustable Leash
This Black Ombre collar and adjustable leash matches traditional fisherman rope woven in New England with domestic English bridle leather vegetable-tanned by Wicked & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania.

10. Hepper Pod Cat Bed
The Hepper Pod Bed will make your cats happy and your home stylish. Elevated cat bed allows for airflow on all sides and the bottom to keep the air fresh and make for easy floor cleaning.Washable Blanket Liner is easy to pop off and throw in the wash.

I hope all of these choices help you find gifts for everyone on your list this year. Did I miss anything? Are you gifting anything extra special that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!

50 perfect gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

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