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A Date Downtown

White Shirtdress Outfit

Even though we live so close to San Jose, we hardly ever go to downtown. Lately I’ve had some business to take care of where getting a little dressed up was appropriate. I’ve really been into this shirt dress, especially at the end of summer. It’s so easy and has pockets which always win me over in a dress.

White Shirtdress Outfit White Shirtdress Outfit

A big thanks to Nancy for taking over my camera to snap these for me.

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  1. You’re so stylish! The shirt dress really suits you.

  2. cute dress! i love downtown san jose. it has some great restaurants and relatively slow pace for a city. it is also quite clean! you are darling.

  3. How lovely is that shirt dress?? And, I agree, perfect for the end of summer! Also, you’ve gotta love a great statement red lip!!

  4. That lip colour looks awesome on you. I want to take more photos there in that little park area thing.

  5. Cute shirtdress! I love visiting downtown in any city, always a fun adventure!

  6. That is so darn cute!! I want it 🙂

  7. you look beautiful! love that lipstick on you!

    1. Thank you Briseidy. 🙂

  8. I love how you played up the dark lip for such a simple dress, simple but smokin. 🙂

  9. such a cool look!

  10. I love this simple outfit! I am loving how it has pockets.

  11. That is a great outfit! The shoes are awesome!

  12. Love the look, especially the lipstick! Gorgeous!

  13. haha, this is cute. Kinda a retro, but you pull it off!

  14. What a fun dress! It’s so classy yet simple. You pull it off effortlessly. <3

  15. looks lovely on you, I can see this also looking great with a pair of jeans and a belt round the waist

  16. Damn girl! You look gorgeous! Love this fresh crisp look, I’ve never found a shirt dress even remotely like this!

    Katie <3

  17. I love how simple and stylish this outfit is.

  18. I love shirt-dresses like these, they are so simple and comfy, but still super cute!

  19. I love how you balanced your outfit with your red lipstick! People usually over do it.

  20. Cute dress– your makeup is superb.

  21. You are so brave for wearing all white like that! I’d make a mess of it in 10 minutes or less. It’s super cute though. I’d love it if I could keep it clean.

  22. […] white tee (seen here). Since then I’ve continued to collect timeless pieces for my wardrobe (like this shirt dress!) and have come to learn about their strict code of conduct for their manufacturing […]