American Flats Guys Weekend

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Shortly after our trip to Tahoe, Steve went on a little trip with some friends to fly RC helicopters at an abandoned factory in Nevada. The factory is covered in graffiti and is set to be torn down later this year. I can only imagine how fun it must have been to fly their copters through the old windows and doorways. I’m always amazed at what a different view they can offer. Sometimes Steve lets me wear his goggles while he flies, it’s pretty awesome. On the way home they crossed the new Bay Bridge, something I haven’t been able to do yet.

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Responses to “American Flats Guys Weekend”

  1. Gorgeous images! I especially love the starry night sky, so beautiful!

  2. Amazing photos! I love the stars photo and the last one!

  3. You know what? I could totally tell Steve took these photos and not you. You both have a great eye for photography, and I love watching his drone videos.

  4. You always have the best pictures!! The helicopter video is SO cool!!

  5. That night sky is breathtaking!

  6. I enjoyed each and every image, such beautiful photos!

  7. Angelic Sinova

    This photos are AMAZING! I seriously felt like I was there <3

  8. What a scary but extremely cool factory! Great shots!

  9. I love reading your posts because you always have amazing pictures! I especially like the ones at the beginning of the stars. I’ve never seen the sky look like that! I need to go to Nevada sometime.

  10. My husband is so jealous! He only gets to fly his in a big open field. Gorgeous photos as always 🙂

  11. WOW! Your photos are AMAZING!

  12. That’s neat. It made me feel like I was playing Halo on XBox Live. I love that picture of the stars too.

  13. Jess Scull

    Breath taking photos!

  14. The images are gorgeous. It is so neat to see the helicopter’s view through the ruins!

  15. Looks like fun! That one picture at night with the stars and all the orbs- it looks very extraterrestrial!

  16. I love your photos, my son has been begging for a webcam helicopter but I know my neighbors would shoot it out of the sky. How awesome of a day is must have been for Steve and his friends having some recreational fun! 😀

  17. Great photographs!

  18. OMG These photos are incredible!

  19. Such cool pictures! I bet they had a blast flying their helicopters through all that 🙂

  20. That abandoned warehouse is so creepy with all the graffiti. Really cool picks though. That was awesome the way he flew through the warehouse.

  21. Love the night time phot with the stars, magical!

  22. Wow these pictures are amazing! That factory looks so cool, and that starry sky picture is seriously breathtaking 🙂

    1. Thanks! He’s always so good at the star photos, I’m a little jealous!

  23. These pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the video from the RC helicopter!!

  24. the stars and the colors that pop in the graffiti shots – GORGEOUS!

  25. Never has graffiti looked so beautiful to me. The colors against the mute desert backdrop are just gorgeous!

    And the helicopter footage? Brilliant! I love that idea. Does he use a GoPro?


    1. Most of his footage is a Go Pro but he has a couple of other cameras that are very small and light (for smaller copters).

  26. oh my gosh! I love your blog because of all the awesome pictures! And flying through that building is amazing. Crazy that something that “pretty” will be torn down. Truly a piece of art!

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