Mar 08, 2024

A Dining Room Update

This post is sponsored by Revival Rugs.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a standard size dining space. Our old house had a much smaller area so anything aside from a small table and chairs was out of the question. Since we moved five months ago I’m finally able to start settling in. I like to take some time to feel out the space and decorate slowly so that the design evolves naturally over time and feels authentic for our family. Today I’ve partnered with Revival Rugs to share a peek at our dining room. Though it’s not finished yet, I’m really happy with where it’s at.

Above: Lulu & Georgia Kirk Dining Table, Manhatten Chairs Unfinished Bentwood Dining Chairs, Revival Rugs Tschudi Rug, Antique Yakisugi Bookshelf, Crate & Barrel Annie Charcoal Storage Cabinet by Leanne Ford, Hay Design Rice Paper Shade 80cm, Ferm Living Hourglass Pot, Custom Made Mirror (Similar 48″ Black Brass Round Mirror by CB2).

Home decor that is allowed to move through time with the people who live with it has always been my favorite. I wanted our dining room to feel lived in, unpretentious, natural, timeless, and warm. Since the space is larger than our last dining room I knew that I wanted to get a new table that we actually had room for guests at. I kept our the same unfinished wood chairs and purchased a couple of extras to fit around the new table. The Yakisugi bookshelf is addition I found via marketplace and I think it helps to balance out the more modern elements.

After going through several other rugs I ended up finding a 100% wool washable rug from Revival Rugs. The rug I chose is the Tschudi Rug by Revival Rugs in the color Taupe, size 8×10. They were kind enough to gift it to me and I’m so happy with it so far. Lily has already left her mark on it but it cleaned up super easy. The rug is super soft underfoot, plus it’s made from natural materials which I try to make one of my caveats when I’m shopping for anything. They have several other washable rug styles and colors, plus you can filter for natural materials too if you’d like. If you’d like one of your own, please use the code 10OFF-JDOLL for a 10% discount!

Thank you so much to Revival Rugs for gifting me a rug in exchange for this post. Revival aims to make rug shopping easy, affordable, and transparent. They work closely with suppliers around the globe to ensure quality of product, and quality of life for the workers. In addition to washable rugs, they also offer vintage finds and one of a kind rugs for life. You can learn more by visiting their website.

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