A Simple Gift Guide for Everyone

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Time flies when it’s… 2023? I can’t believe it’s the holidays already and although life has thrown a few curveballs at me this year, I’m looking forward to slowing down and spending time with my family. Today I’m sharing my gift guide for simple gifts for everyone. While I do try to stay budget-conscious, I also try to find quality gifts that will actually get used instead of just tossed aside. For my own kids I follow the want, need, wear, read protocol when it comes to gifts.

Simple Gifts for Baby

Functional gifts and open ended toys are the best for babies and toddlers. Not only do they follow them through development, it is a time where their opinions are low. If we’re being honest, we all known that they’d be happy with just the box.

Simple Gifts for Kids

Once kids get a little older they become more opinionated about what they want. I try to shy away from trends and short-lived toys. I find that sticking to the basics works best and if they have a very specific interest you can try to pare it back (i.e. Mario star lights instead of an entire Mario decorated bedroom).

Simple Gifts for Teens

As we head into the teen zone, they crave more independence. I remember wanting an inflatable bed as a teen and items for my room because I really wanted to personalize my space.

Simple Gifts for Women

I’m not gonna lie, this is basically some of my wishlist for this year. I love florals, gardening, home decor, and cozy items like these linen pajamas (on sale for Serena & Lily‘s sale of the year!), and cashmere socks.

Simple Gifts for Men

Trying to stick to utilitarian meets cool dad vibes here, and if you’re lucky maybe he’ll take you somewhere in this book.

Stocking Stuffers

Small gifts that pack a punch. My go-to for stockings is consumables like deodorant, toothpaste, candies, etc. Sometimes small gifts can be fun too.

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