Nov 24, 2023

Black Friday Weekend Home Decor Sale Tips + Picks

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As someone who doesn’t usually get sucked into the hype of sales, you may find it odd that I’m writing this post. Before you let your mind get too far, know that while I don’t advise mindless consumerism, I do love a good deal, especially in the home decor space. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite sale picks for this weekend, as well as some tips for shopping them (Hint: you will need some restraint).

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale Picks

Tips for Shopping Sales:

  1. Plan ahead with intention.
    Create a mood board for your space so you can really narrow down which pieces you would like. I like to use Pinterest to help ensure my spaces are edited and cohesive. If mood boards aren’t your thing, making a list of pieces that you need including their function, style, and dimensions if there are any size restrictions will help as well.
  2. Create a wishlist.
    Based off of your needs and mood board, shop around various sites and bookmark pieces that you know you’re interested in. You can use a browser bookmark, Pinterest board, etc. I like to create a shopping cart on the retailers website so that I can go back and refresh every now and then to look for price drops. You can also use browser tools like honey to create price drop alerts. If you are on email lists for retailers, you can also find out about great sales. For example, Serena & Lily are having their giant sale of the year right now with prices up to 60% off. So excite!
  3. Shop around.
    Once the sale day arrives you should compare prices across various sites. Use tools like google image search, google shopping, and Pinterest search to find the same product on other websites at different price points. Be sure to note if the price includes tax or shipping. Some places charge up to $350 for delivery while others do not!
  4. Avoid temptation.
    Do not buy items just because they are on sale. I repeat, do not buy something just because it’s on sale. Put your blinders on! If you don’t need it, if it’s not on the list, don’t buy it! Period.
  5. Be ready to walk away.
    If the price isn’t right, be ready to walk away. There are so many sales throughout the year and discount codes. If it’s still not something you see yourself purchasing don’t do it.
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