Nov 20, 2023

Simple Holiday Dining

This post is sponsored by Serena & Lily.

In today’s culture of hustle and bustle I often find peace in keeping my decor minimal. It’s very easy to get caught up in trends and buying every piece of holiday decor on the shelf but the honest truth is that you don’t need to. Today I’ve partnered with Serena & Lily to share some of my favorite tips for simple holiday dining decor. They’re having their sale of the year right now, with discounts up to 60% off. So good!

Tips for Simple Holiday Dining Decor

  1. Stick to timeless pieces and heirlooms.
    By avoiding trends and using basic pieces that you know will be “in style” for generations to come you are already winning half the battle. I’ve used simple silver candleholders that my grandmother gave me to help set the mood. The Bobbin Taper Holder at Serena & Lily is very similar.
  2. Use basic place settings.
    By cutting back on the amount of clutter you put on the table you’re allowing everything space to breathe, and more elbow room for your guests. You can always have other plates, bowls, and such available to the side for guests if need be.
  3. Do not overwhelm the table visually.
    Use a basic tablecloth with a simple pattern or texture, or you can always opt for a bare table experience. It will make for easier cleanup anyway. I also use the Salento Linen Napkins for everyday, adding a little elbow grease with an iron to make them feel more elevated for dinners.
  4. Keep centerpieces low.
    By keeping the centerpieces low you will allow your guests more airspace to connect and have meaningful conversations. No one wants to have to lean to the side to see around tall floral decorations.
  5. Set the mood with candles.
    Adding to the magic of the evening with candles is always a good idea. I try to incorporate them whenever I host anyone in the afternoon or evening. Please, please, please for your guests sake be sure they are unscented! I love these pillar candles in assorted sizes and set of 6 taper candles.
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Thank you so much to Serena & Lily for gifting items to me for this post. I’m always happy to partner with companies I already enjoy and shop with. Please be sure to check out their website!

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