Apr 24, 2014

Ace Hotel Seattle

team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington If you guessed the Ace Hotel Seattle, you’re right! We chose to stay at an Ace Hotel because of it’s minimal aesthetic, the price, and the location. The unconventional continental breakfast was a major bonus too, which I will cover more of later. We’re not a fan of hotels that check in on us all the time, and often don’t use the housekeeping service. Søren naps mid-day and goes to bed earlier, so I don’t like it when hotels don’t respect our privacy. A place once called us at 9:30PM at night on our phone to try to sell us a timeshare? No thanks! Ace wasn’t like this at all, they didn’t bother us once and were always very helpful when we did ask for help. The price was below other comparable Seattle hotels, but the amenities did not suffer as a result. The hotel is located in the Belltown district of Seattle, features a cafe/bar on the lower floor, and has plenty of other options within a short walking distance. It’s not far from Seattle center, which was really nice since we spent some time there. team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-1 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-2 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-3team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-4 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-5 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-6 The room we stayed in was spacious and well appointed with two comfortable queen sized beds (loved those throw blankets!), a chair, a couch, and a desk. Wifi was provided and was very decent. On the wall were instructions to build various origami projects. Aiden had a lot of fun with some of the paper that was provided. We didn’t get stir crazy on the couple of days that we spent more time inside due to the rain. team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-7team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-8 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-9 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-10 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-11 We had a private bathroom with a massive sliding door, a walk-in shower and luxurious toiletries. They were very generous with the towel rations, we didn’t even have to request extras! My favorite was the pearl+ charcoal and pearl soap.team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-12 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-13 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-14 team-wiking-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-15 The only downside to this hotel for us was that it is located in the historic Glaser building. Built in 1909, this building does not feature an elevator, which meant carrying our stroller up and down lots of stairs. On the bright side, we got a really good workout!

Overall we had a really great time at this hotel, would definitely rate it a 9/10. The space was nice, it wasn’t crowded, I didn’t feel any pressure with extra sales, and the staff was extremely helpful. A little secret of mine is that I want to stay at all of the Ace Hotels, ha! Hopefully next on our list will be Portland, but we don’t have any other Ace Hotel plans just yet.

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Beautiful hotel and blog! I love your fonts <3 also what a great idea with the geometric shapes decorating this room!

Wow, such beautiful photos! I definitely wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Seattle!

Looks cool and artistic! I really enjoy the airy, white theme.. nice and refreshing, and a great way to feel like you’re getting away from it all. 🙂 I’d love to stay there if I was in the area!


Looks so beautiful! And makes me want to go to Seattle even MORE. I love the picture of you and your camera (and kid!) in the mirror.

Wow! This hotel looks amazing! I love how everything is styled!

Looks nice and simple! <3

love the style of the ace hotels. we’ve never stayed at one, but we’ve checked out the one in portland.. bc apparently taking a photo there is the touristy thing to do. we’d love to stay at an ace hotel one day. 🙂

That hotel looks awesome! I have never been to Seattle and I would love to go! Glad you guys enjoyed your stay!

That looks like such a cool place to stay! I love the little touches they added to make staying in their hotel unique.

This looks like a cool hotel! I’ve never seen any hotel that looks like this one before! So simple and chic!

What a beautiful collection of photos that make me absolutely want to stay at this hotel next time I’m in Seattle! No worries about the elevator…its Europe-style 🙂

Awesome! I am always looking for cool new Seattle hotels! This looks like a great one. I like that it had the origami and “survival guide” in the room. Nice touch! Thanks for the recommendation!
The Accidental Mama

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