Nov 24, 2015

Aiden’s Movie Birthday

Aiden's 12th Birthday Movie Party

Awhile back when I asked my oldest son, Aiden, what kind of party he wanted for his 12th birthday, he said he wanted to have a movie birthday party. He’s getting older (pre-teen, eek!) and I feel like his input counts more now when it comes to the actual party planning process. Together we picked out a lot of these the decoration and food.

I offered to let him have a party the night before with just his friends to watch movies and hang out. We ordered pizza and I made the kids favor boxes and theater style goodie boxes too with popcorn, a drink, and candies. We put on a movie for them, but ultimately they just ran around playing and had fun.

Aiden's 12th Birthday Movie Party

Aiden's 12th Movie Birthday Party Aiden's 12th Birthday Movie Party

A Movie inspired pre-teen birthday party

For the family party we served different kinds of popcorn, crudites, and some of Aiden’s favorite types of sandwiches. I made the giant “12” out of thin plywood, and kept everything else very simple. We had a photo booth made from gold foil, and I took photos of them for the clapboard keychain party favors too.

Sparkler candles at a movie themed birthday party Pre-teen movie night birthday party Popcorn bar at movie night birthday party Post-candle blow at birthday party Gold foil photo backdrop and props at movie-themed party

Party Decor:
Gold Stars / Movie Clapboard / Tablecloth / Table Runners / Wood Crates / Drink Dispenser / Star Cups / Gold Straws / Plates / Popcorn BoxesGold Foil Backdrop (I used 6) / Photo Props / Polaroid Camera / Sticky Film / Clapboard Photo Keychains / Sparkler Letters / Sugarfina Candy

Party Favors:
Clapboard Keychains / Star Sparklers / Glowsticks / Popcorn Invite / Popcorn Cookies / Lego Mixels / Light Up Yoyo / Punch Balloon

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Love love love!! So many wonderful ideas in this post! I wish I read this before the Oscars, would have loved to use some of the ideas for my viewing party.

I love this idea and found your blog on Pinterest. I’m having a movie party for my 6 year old and would like to use a tray for the popcorn and drinks. Where did you find yours? Thanks!

Hi Kim, glad you found me! They are just these kraft/white boxes from the Container Store similar to these: in 8″ square. I didn’t use the lids and cut slits down the corners by about half so when folded down they were about 3″ tall. Then I lined with a natural parchment paper.

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Can you be my mom? Hahaha!

Ha! On a creepy note, I always wonder how different life would be if I had a daughter. 😉

Happy birthday Aiden!

It looks like you guys had fun.

I love that photo after the candles were blown out.

Thanks. I kept it nice and small and it was less stress. 🙂

The huge #12 looks so cool! How did you make the numbers look so good? Mine would be lopsided.

I just used a yardstick and measured to make sure they were the same width. I wanted them to look more like a font and less hand drawn. I cut them with a jigsaw and had to make a few adjustments after the fact. Then after a light sanding, spray painted them the red color.

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