Jul 18, 2014

Alaskan Cruise Day 12 / San Francisco, California

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Aiden and I were lucky enough to visit the bridge and meet the Captain. It was a really cool experience. They explained how they navigate the ship and gave details about all of the controls and instruments they use. Aiden wasn’t feeling well so we cut our tour short. He laid down most of the day.

During the last evening we were rewarded with a small sliver of sunshine. It was a good sign, we were almost home. Aiden attended a pajama party at a place he fell in love with on the ship, the kids club. He went there during a few days at sea to get a break from Søren and to play with kids his own age. It also gave us a chance to have quiet time while we took a mid-day nap with Søren.

On Day 12 I woke up early. The sliding glass door was open and my husband was snapping away outside as we came into San Francisco. I was so exhausted that I didn’t bother to look. just rolled over and went back to sleep. We awoke later, had breakfast, and hung around our disembarkation lounge until it was our turn to leave the ship. Once off we gathered our things and took the train home.

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Yep. I need this trip! Looks so fun.

SO pretty. I’ve always wanted to go to San Fran!

Such a stunning family!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

You protography is stunning! I love San Fran it just so gorgeous!

Aww the chest board is so cute, thanks for sharing the trip with us and making me super jealous lol I need such a vacation

Gorgeous photos! I’m absolutely loving that one of the Golden Gate Bridge!

You have such talent with a camera. These pictures are all absolutely stunning.

What gorgeous pictures! San Francisco is such a unique city! <3

Another place I want to visit!

I require much more sun, but those views are really incredible. Maybe a trip to Alaska wouldn’t be so crazy!

I think it’s sunnier in their ‘Summer’. Technically we went in their ‘Spring’. I don’t think it would be crazy at all, especially on a cruise ship!

Oh my gosh. Your photos are seriously the most gorgeous photographs I have ever seen! You are truly a talented photographer! WOW! 🙂 I can’t even think about anything else than the amazing quality and clarity of your photos!!!

Thank you so much. 🙂

That giant chess board is awesome! Your photos are beautiful!

Thank you. I loved it too, I am scheming to put one in my yard, hahaha!

You seriously have some AMAZING photos. I totally want to check out Alaska and now I am more determined than ever. Simply beautiful and love living the trip through your photos.

Thanks, you should def. head to Alaska, it was breath-taking.

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