Jul 21, 2014

Blog Her 2014 / San Jose, California

travel-light-blogher1. Amelia Mini Bag / 2. Sunglasses / 3. Jewelry Bag / 4. Initial Bracelets (TW for Team Wiking!) / 5. Fancy Earrings / 6. Gel Coat / 7. Maxi Dress (similar) / 8. Shirt Dress / 9. Romper (similar) / 10. Blog-A-Lot Tee / 11. White V-Neck / 12. Neutral Tank / 13. Black Tunic/Dress / 14. Striped Skirt / 15. Cropped Pants / 16. Malliot Swimsuit / 17. Blazer / 18. Shopping Bags / 19. Split Loafers / 20. Shoe Bag / 21. Big Tote (similar) / 22. Comfy heels

This Travel Light post is very near and dear to me, as I live about 10 minutes away from San Jose, California. The weather varies in the summer and ranges anywhere from a balmy 90F to a comfortable 75F.

A couple of years ago I attended a BlogHer conference a couple of years ago and was unsure of what to pack. I feel like I have a better grasp on packing and blogging conferences now so I put together a Travel Light post for those who might feel a little lost. For those staying extra days, this will come in handy, and for those who aren’t, pay close attention to Days 4-6. Hopefully this will free up some space in your luggage for any goodies you plan to bring home.

1. Amelia Mini Bag – Can be worn as a crossbody or fanny.
2. Sunglasses – Good for all around wear, you’re in California!
3. Jewelry Bag – Don’t lose your goodies. Keep in safe.
4. Initial Bracelets – Something festive. I’d get TW for Team Wiking.
5. Fancy Earrings – Or anything else to dress up an evening out
6. Gel Coat – This is my go-to top coat. Will last a week.
7. Maxi Dress (similar) – Casual, can be dressed up with blazer.
8. Shirt Dress – Versatile, dress up or down.
9. Romper (similar) – Perfect day-to-night wear.
10. Blog-A-Lot Tee – Fun for a slow and comfy day.
11. White V-Neck – Comfortable and versatile. 
12. Neutral Tank – Pair with multiple items.
13. Black Tunic/Dress – Dress up or down. Use as pool cover.
14. Striped Skirt – Another versatile piece.
15. Cropped Pants – Easily transformed from casual to dressy.
16. Malliot Swimsuit – Can also be worn as a top with dress or skirt, under.
17. Blazer – Use to keep warm inside conference or at night.
18. Shopping Bags – These are light and fold small when not in use.
19. Split Loafers – Professional and stylish. 
20. Shoe Bag – I don’t like to get my other clothes dirty.
21. Big Tote (similar– Perfect for travel days, carrying items.
22. Comfy heels – This stacked heel is much more practical than stilettos.

I’ve planned out a little itinerary for those who plan to make a substantial trip out of it. Again, if you are only coming for the conference you will want to pay attention to days 4-6.

Day 1 Arrive a few days before conference
Day 2 Relax, have a pool day. san-jose-day-1-2

Day 3 Finishing Touches
Day 4 Register / Pathfinder Day / Evening at the Expo san-jose-day-3-4 Day 5 Conference Day-to-Night san-jose-day-5 Day 6 Conference Day-to-Night san-jose-day-6

Day 7 Check out (or stay awhile)
Day 8 San Jose Museum of Artsan-jose-day-7-8

Day 9 Post-Conference Meetings
Day 10 Head home san-jose-day-9-10 Some other items that I like to pack are more obvious:
Phone This is a given.
iPadFor browsing / checking in on blog.
Camera(s)I use a different one at night.
Chargers & battery backupsYet another given.
NotebooksI like to take notes by hand.
Pens / PencilsI like options.
Business Cards / Holder I keep a box in my purse and holder in hand.

Some highlights from the last BlogHer I attended. 2011-blogher-san-diego-collageLeft to Right: Kudos! / Nancy + I / Kelle Hampton + I / The Marble Room in San Diego, California

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Love your blog! have fun!

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I swear I love your sense of fashion.


Love the color palette and that romper!

I love how you did this roundup, makes it seem so easy to pack so light. I wish I was going!!! waaahhh.

It is easy once you get used to it.

Thanks for sharing your outfits with us! I would love to be able to go to BlogHer sometime!

You’re welcome. Thanks for reading.

Enjoy! I totally should have made the trip this year. Your outfit choices are perfect!

these are great pieces for traveling! i love that they’re all within the same color palette so you can easily mix and match the pieces you have!

Those outfits are brilliant 🙂 have a great time at the conference!

Oh I love the last three pictures with outfits in the most – so classy! Looks like you had fun 🙂 I love the way you arrange your selections in photographs too, such a nice touch

Love these outfits, I always pack too much when I travel. Have fun at BlogHer!!

Love these outfits girl! I love how you can take few pieces yet mix them together to makes many different pieces. I am the worlds worst at over packing! So glad I found you through Grow Your Blog 🙂


How about you can be my personal shopper!? LOVE these clothes.

LOVE all of these clothes. I want them all!

Love love love this list of outfits!! Those strappy heels are gorgeous.

#22. “Comfy heels” sure are comfy. Love them!!!

P.s. I dislike that photo of me. Lol.

Love your picks! Have fun at BlogHer!

What a great post and list of ideas!

Love your outfit ideas – and I am so jealous that you met Kelle! I love her!

Great choices! Enjoy the conference!

This is really helpful! If I ever make it to a conference I wont be so lost!

I want it all! But really

Love all of your clothing choices, especially the tunic and the swimsuit!

Oh my gosh I just wanna own all of this!

I’m dreaming so hard about the swimsuit and sunglasses.

I love the color palette for these outfits. Cute!

Thanks! I love neutrals and they are so easy to mix.

Enjoy Blogher! I wish I was going too but it was going to be too tricky with a newborn.
Maybe I’ll see you there next year 🙂

Thanks, I’m hoping I get out of it what I want. 🙂 I attended Alt last year when Søren was little and I just wasn’t ready to leave him yet, I ended up coming home early both days. There is always next year!

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