Jul 09, 2014

Alaskan Cruise Day 5 / Juneau, Alaska

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Leaving Ketchikan we followed another ship into the evening, through various channels and waterways until we lost sight. The mist swirled around the mountains, and glassy seas evoked a sense of calm. The sun broke through the clouds and set for hours. Bundled up, we enjoyed the performance from our balcony until the sun hid behind the horizon.

Early in the morning we awoke to sweeping views of Douglas Island. It is a small island located west of Juneau proper, connected by a single bridge dubbed by locals as, “The Bridge”. A quick breakfast in our stateroom, tender to port, and we were on our way. Our tour guide drove us down, “The Highway” to our next adventure, walking on a glacier.

Upon arrival, we suited up and boarded a helicopter, props still spinning from it’s last flight. As we approached the Mendenhall Glacier I began to feel increasingly small. Looking out the window I saw people and tents, so tiny and insignificant in comparison. My mind wandered. I thought about the tiny specks and how trivial humans are on this beautiful Earth, in this universe. It is a humbling thought, to say the least.

We landed and basic safety rules were covered. After a brief walkabout the tour guide demonstrated how to drink glacial water from the stream. After much encouragement, Aiden agreed to do it along with us. It tasted like water. With cold noses and hands we loaded onto the warm helicopter and returned to the ship.

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That is amazing! What an amazing view from the helicopter! Was it included in the cruise??

No, it wasn’t included. We had to book all excursions separately but could book them through the crusie line and shuttles/buses/etc. were part of it. So it was nice that we didn’t have to worry HOW to get to an excursion.

Amazing pictures! Just gorgeous. I haven’t experienced Alaska yet. I’ve heard that it should be on my list of “must-visit” places.

I’ve been wanting to go on an Alaskan cruise! This looks phenomenal!

I’ve been wanting to go on an Alaska cruise!!

Absolutely breathtaking!

Woah! These pictures are beautiful!!! I must go and brave the cold!

These are some wonderful pictures! I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise sometime.

Beautiful! We love cruising, and have never thought to take an Alaskan one before, but your pictures are making me rethink it!

What beautiful photos!

Absolutely beautiful photos, I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska!

Gorgeous photos. Alaska looks amazing!

This looks like such an amazing trip I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska

Oh my goodness! I have wanted to go on this cruise since I was like 14. My aunt lives in Alaska and I need to do this! Beautiful photos.

My parents went on an Alaskan cruise for their 25th wedding anniversary and loved it!!

Wow, it is beautiful so jealous

Beautiful. I’ve been to a cruise in the Caribbean I’d like to go on an Alaskan one someday.

Gorgeous scenery and your photography is amazing. This took me right back to the glacier hike I did–you did it the smart way going by helicopter! If I ever go again, that’s how I’m gonna do it. 🙂

Your pictures are so beautiful! Makes me want to visit Alaska!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

An alaskan cruise is definitely on my bucket list!

My family just got back from an Alaskan cruise!

oh my gosh! this looks amazing! my husband served a mission in Alaska for 2 years so he has been dying to take me back. Looks like we need to go!

Wow, I’m so completely jealous! This looked like so much fun! Alaska has always been a photography dream for me.

Alaska looks beautiful, especially with your *gorgeous* photos! I’ll have to go up there sometime and visit!

Your pictures are INCREDIBLE!! I also love all your outfits choices for this cruise. They are perfect 🙂

Always wanted to go on the Alaskan Cruise!! It looks breathtaking! <3

I have always wanted to do one of these- so gorgeous!

Wow. It looks so beautiful. I just don’t know if I can hack that kind of cold!


When I was 16 we took a cruise to Alaska during this same time of year! Alaska was beautiful and I was glad to beat the heat from back home. We took a float plane over some glaciers but we didn’t land like you guys did! So cool!

This looks amazing!!! OMG I am jealous, the scenario looks phenomenal. What a awesome trip!!!

Amazing. Makes me feel like I was there!

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