Jan 26, 2015

An Oops Moment in Copenhagen

I’ve been thinking about our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark a lot lately. I miss it terribly, but also remembered an “Oops” moment on my part during our trip. It’s easy now to laugh at, but was rather scary at the time.

I purchased a travel wallet to take on our trip so I could carry all of our tickets, boarding passes, reservations, credit cards, money, and passports all in one spot. Easier to take care of right? Also easier to lose. We ate breakfast almost every morning at Andersen Bakery because it was quick and convenient. One morning we stopped in for a quick bite and met up with some friends. We finished our food and headed to Botanisk Have (Botanical Gardens). It was a beautiful day and I was snapping this photo of Søren and Steve running around on the grass when I decided to use my camera instead. I went to get it out of the backpack I noticed the wallet was not in there.

Immediately I started searching everything and called the bakery (talk about an international data emergency). We were told that they didn’t see it but my friend and I took off running back across Copenhagen to double check. We weren’t sure of the easiest way to get there so we ran along the way we knew. We ended up running along Strøget, one of the busiest shopping streets in the town and had to weave in and out of people. When we finally got to the bakery, so short of breath we could barely talk, we were told that it was in the main office at Tivoli. I had to show my ID (was in the wallet, 100% intact!) and sign for it after receiving a soft lecture about keeping it close. I was so relieved to have it back, and shortly after we walked out, Steve, the boys, and our other friend calmly walked up.

I’d say I learned my lesson on that little excursion and am still not traveling internationally without being lovingly reminded with a few light jokes along the way.

Have you ever had an ‘Oops’ travel moment? How did it turn out?


Botanisk Have, Copenhagen Denmark

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What luck that you got it back! 🙂 Knock on wood … no major oopsies for me yet.

I think I’ve never had an Oops travel moment, buy yours is crazy haha I’m always feel so panic if i can’t find my wallet/documents!

Yes, I learned my lesson. I think it got knocked off of our chair/table so I didn’t see it when I was packing up stuff to leave.

as soon as I started reading this i knew you guys would find it! 😉 we always joke in our family that copenhagen is so safe that if we left $10,000 on our front lawn and went on a trip it would still be there when we got back – it’s actually one of our favorite things about living there…

HAHAHA. It is. We were out until almost midnight some nights and the only problem I had was with a drunk homeless getting wayyyy too friendly. I miss it horribly.

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