Notebooks for Travel

Awesome Travel Notebooks
1. Inspiration and Ideas / 2. Magma Sketchbook / 3. Escape the Ordinary / 4. Personalized Metallic Journal / 5. Marbled Notebook / 6. Bon Voyage Travel Essentials / 7. Paint the Town Red / 8. Random Notes Pad / 9. Places to Remember / 10. Textured Leather / 11. Bon Voyage Travel Memoir / 12. Field Notes

I never leave for a trip without a favorite notebook. I take notes while we’re on the go and review them at the end of the day to add or clarify details. It helps me when we come home to organize our trip into something more easily digested. I have a thing for cute notebooks, so these really made my heart flutter.

Which is your favorite?

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Responses to “Notebooks for Travel”

  1. I’m not exactly particular with travel notebooks (unlike with planners), but this is a selection of cute ones! I particularly loved #6 and #11 in this list.

    1. Oh man, I’m the opposite. My planner is all digital and my notebooks are all handwritten. I can vouch for #11’s awesomeness. I haven’t broken it out yet but it’s next on my ‘notebooks to use’ list. 🙂

  2. I love all of these! I’m a bit obsessed with notebooks and planners.

    1. I know, right?! I need them all.

  3. ahhh, these are all so pretty:)

    1. Yasss. 🙂

  4. Oh, I just adore that Bon Voyage Travel Memoir (#11) 😀

  5. I like #7 Paint the Town Red, it is cute and smaller. I love notebooks, and pens, and all things writing but I am not very good at keeping notes. I just keep buying more and more, write in a few pages and stop. I am impressed that you keep notes, a great example.

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