Jan 29, 2015

Team Wiking? What is a Wiking?


What is a Wiking? Say it like viking. I have the story behind the blog name in my about section, but I don’t think many people have read it. My family came to the United States from Denmark, and with a Danish accent, Viking sounds like wiking. I’m always excited when my cousins say they will come “wisit” us. The name wiking became a nickname from my husband, asking me daily, “Are you a happy wiking?”. Over the years as our relationship progressed and our family grew we became less like individual wikings, and more like Team Wiking. In 2008, Team Wiking was born.

IMG_1561 1Q8A5859-3 Rosenborg Slot in Copenhagen Denmark (Castle)

Top: Meeting my Danish family for the first time, in California.
Middle: Meeting my Danish family in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Bottom: Rosenborg Slot (Castle) in Denmark.

Lately I’ve been working on some changes to the blog that include refining my content calendar so that it is more interesting, helpful, or relevant. I’ve also refined the sidebar quite a bit, but it still might not be complete. Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions, or if there is something different that you would like to see!

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This is such a cute story and you have such a beautiful family!! I live in Germany and we also have the V/W mix ups. I think its so cute when germans say “vish” instead of “wish” and “vedding” instead of “wedding”!

Haha totally see the “Viking” in your relatives.

I LOVE this sidebar! Especially the upcoming and recent travels. 🙂

Yay! I originally removed them but added them back when I realized they were handy.

Hi Jess! I read the about page so I knew the story, but I’m really glad you posted it here because it should help others. I love the idea behind your family “team.” Excited to see the changes and new content you have in store!

Thanks Ashley, I’m excited to refine things a bit more and really dig in. Good luck tomorrow!

FINALLY I GET IT!!! Now your blog name makes sense. Talk about feeling a little slow!!! 🙂

Lol, why did you never ask before?! Steve bought the domain. 🙂

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