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Best of 2013

Summer through fall… Søren turned one, we had a warm summer that warranted a stock tank pool, Søren learned to walk, we went to Denmark, and Aiden started 4th grade!

20130601-Sorens1stBday(June2013)_260 20130601-Sorens1stBday(June2013)_241 20130524-IMG_0401 20130601-1Q8A2539 20130430-1Q8A0827 20130430-1Q8A0807 20130615-1Q8A3981 20130618-1Q8A4421 20130619-1Q8A4553 20130620-1Q8A4693 20130620-1Q8A4686 20130620-1Q8A4745 20130623-1Q8A5047 20130627-DollFamily(June2013)_037 20130628-1Q8A5329 20130629-1Q8A5451 20130701-1Q8A5475 20130701-1Q8A5487 20130703-1Q8A5596 20130703-DSC00077 20130704-1Q8A5643 20130704-1Q8A5654 20130704-1Q8A5731 20130713-1Q8A6759 20130714-1Q8A6803 20130725-1Q8A7703 20130802-1Q8A8017 20130808-1Q8A8314 20130808-1Q8A8350 20130815-1Q8A8808 20130824-1Q8A9363 20130902-1Q8A0560 20130902-1Q8A0645 20130910-1Q8A1033 20130911-1Q8A1141 20130819-1Q8A9049

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  1. I love all your pictures, they are great! Looks like such a great year!I’m doing a giveaway today and would love for you to check it out! Happy New Year!