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Best of 2013

The final part of my Best of 2013 posts brings us from Fall and back to Winter again. We went on more hikes, explored cool planes, got our pumpkins, camped in our backyard, went apple picking, had our photos done, Aiden turned 10, got away to Lake Tahoe, celebrated Christmas, visited Solvang, and welcomed a happy new year.

20130825-1Q8A9854 20130825-1Q8A9966 20130920-1Q8A1583 20130922-1Q8A1723 20130929-1Q8A2076 20131001-1Q8A2228 20131005-1Q8A2332 20131005-1Q8A2345 20131013-1Q8A3003 20131019-1Q8A3368 20131026-1Q8A4043 20131027-1Q8A4266 20131108-1Q8A6500 20131108-1Q8A6521 20131108-1Q8A6526 20131108-1Q8A6534 20131110-doll33bw 20131110-doll36bw 20131111-1Q8A7830 20131116-1Q8A795620131120-1Q8A8126 20131124-1Q8A8761 20131124-1Q8A8967 20131124-1Q8A8993 20131124-IMG_5534 20131125-1Q8A9148 20131208-1Q8A0006 20131208-1Q8A0025 20131225-1Q8A0730 20131228-1Q8A0886 20131231-1Q8A1599

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  1. So many wonderful memories! May 2014 be full with even more and happy ones!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful glimpses of your life.

    Tifani Sipes

  3. I hope you enjoy 2014 even more!!!