Mar 26, 2014

Cesar Chavez Park / Berkeley, California

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Has there ever been a point in time where you get to go to a place that you’ve only heard about? I heard about César Chávez Park in Berkeley, California a million times before we actually made a visit and I’m so glad that we did. Every year I’d hear about the awesome kite festival that is held there and always think about how fun it would be to go. We didn’t go to the official festival but the wind was perfect for flying kites. There was a sort of relaxing magic that hung in the air as we watched kites, both big and small (and very, very large), dance or hover in the air with what seemed was no effort at all. On one side of the park is the city of Berkeley, California, and on the other is the San Francisco Bay. There is a beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline, from the bay bridge to the Golden Gate and beyond. I’d love to watch the sunset from here.


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You were in my neighbourhood 🙂
My girls love to go fly kites at Cesar Chavez Park. No matter what the wind is like elsewhere in Berkeley it always seems to be perfect for kite flying down there! You should definitely try to make it to the kite festival when it’s on next. I was going to share a link to our last visit to the festival but I just discovered I never got around to writing about it! Oops…
Oh, and sunsets over San Francisco from Berkeley are stunning!

Yay! And it looks like you have a blog post to write, bahaha.

That lady bug photo is adorable. Love his smile.

Gorgeous pictures! I live in the South Bay and have never been to César Chávez Park either, but now I might have to go.

Yes, you have to go! Parking is free but you might have to walk a little.

looks dreamy! I love kites, so much fun for the kids! and that photo of Soren with the ladybug is just the best!

Thanks! The giant fish kite was my favorite. I’d venture to say that it was easily 30 feet long!

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