My Clean Skincare Favorites

Jan 14, 2021

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Five years ago I started my journey into cleaner skincare. Back then I discovered some tried and true products that I still love and use today. Over the years I found that some natural products don’t work as well as others, some aren’t really as natural as they claim, and some are wonderful. I’ve come to find what works best for my skin which can be quite sensitive and problematic, so today I’m sharing my favorite clean skincare products with you.

Clean Skincare Favorites

I’m going to look like a walking advertisement right now, but I promise this post isn’t sponsored (I wish it were, ha!). I’ve been using Herbivore Botanicals products for 5 years now and have tested many of them out to find what works best for my skin.

Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar

For the last five years I’ve used this face soap unwaveringly and it has been wonderful. I even have a smaller piece that I bring when I travel.

Jasmine Green Tea Oil Control Toner

When I first started using Herbivore products, I used the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist which I love, but the green tea is supposed to help calm redness and acne flare-ups so it’s more beneficial for me right now. To be quite honest, I don’t use a toner when I travel and never notice a difference. I do like to use it as a little hydrating spritz throughout the day.

Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative

This has been the only product that has helped with my hormonal acne and fine lines and I love that it is a more natural retinol alternative.

Prism Serum

A few drops of this is all it takes everyday to help maintain a healthy glow and to help fade any acne scars. I love the glow it gives but I would also caution that it is a brightening serum so if you love yoru freckles I’d use it as a spot treatment.

Phoenix Oil

I’ve tested all of the oils that Herbivore offers and although I am not a huge fan of this one, it smells and looks wonderful. It’s made for dry skin so it is too hydrating for my skin right now. I enjoy the Blue Tansy oil more, but it’s for oily skin so it’s not quite enough for me. The Orchid Oil is my very favorite and is better for combination skin, so I found it’s just right for my skin.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer

I love how lightweight this product feels on my face. I try to remember to wear it everyday and love that it somehow makes my skin look a little more even especially if I’m not wearing makeup. My backup is Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen.

Moon Fruit Night Cream

I am absolutely obsessed with this product as a night cream, and not just because it has moon in the name. Sadly it has been discontinued, but I think replaced with Pink Cloud which has the same lightweight whipped feel.

Prism Mask

Once every couple of weeks I use this mask and it has worked wonders for the evenness of my skin tone. You should especially remember to wear SPF if you’re using this product as with any exfoliating mask or peel it can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure after using.

Jasmine Body Oil

I’ve always found the smell of Jasmine to be intoxicating and have gone through many bottles of this. It’s my very favorite, especially after a nice warm bath.

My Clean Skincare Routine + Favorites

Travel Light Skincare Products

When I travel, especially by air, I pare down my skincare routine by a lot. Not only to fit everything into my carry-on liquids bag, but to save space and weight in my luggage.

Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar

I have a 1/4 size piece of a bar that I sliced off to use when I travel. I simply wrap it in a small piece of parchment paper (it sticks since the bar is wet) and I’m good to go. I love that it doesn’t even have to be in my liquids bag since it is not technically a liquid.

Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative

I will never go without this product. It comes along in all of it’s full size glory and is still well within the requirements for a carry-on liquids bag.

Orchid Oil

Not only is the Orchid Oil my favorite of all the herbivore oils, I feel like it’s more balanced for use in other places like on my body or even my hair if I need to calm frizzies.

Supergoop! Sunscreen Oil SPF 50

This is my go-to sunscreen for travel simply because not only is it very small, it doesn’t take a lot to keep you covered. It kept me from getting burned for almost 2 weeks in southeast Asia and performed well over a week in Hawaii too.

Herbivore After Sun Spray

If you plan to be in the sun a lot, this spray is a miracle. Not only is it super soothing for those times when you happen to get burned, it’s great to use after a lot of sun exposure. I like to bring along the travel size bottle of it when I’m going anywhere warm and sunny, though I love it so much the full size would be my preference. If I’m going somewhere cooler or won’t be in the sun a lot I do leave it at home.

I share more details about packing my beauty items in a carry-on in this post.

What are your clean skincare favorites? Do you change your routine when you travel?

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