10 Reasons Why I Wear Black

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[dropcap2_large]T[/dropcap2_large]he one question I often get asked about my minimal closet is, why black? Aside from black being one of my favorite colors, I have quite a few reasons why black is the perfect color for a minimal closet.

10 Reasons Why I Wear Black
  1. Goes with everything. Jeans, slacks, swimwear, everything works in black.
  2. Travels well, since it typically absorbs light less wrinkles show.
  3. Stays clean longer, it’s very stain resistant and if you do happen to spot it some water will likely do the trick.
  4. Holds color well if properly cared for. Inside out, cold water only, line dry, please!
  5. Can be dressed up or dressed down. I have a little black dress I’ve worn both on the beach and to formal events.
  6. Can give the illusion of looking taller or slimmer, it’s quite flattering. It won’t reflect onto your skin like reds do.
  7. Is not a presumptuous color. It’s reserved and quiet.
  8. Timeless. Items that are black tend to transcend seasons more easily than it’s trendy counterparts.
  9. Neutral color – it puts the attention on you and not your clothing.
  10. Season-less. I have a woven black hat I can wear in the spring or fall, it looks fine in both.
Black Wardrobe Staples

What is your favorite color? Do you wear it often?
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