Jan 25, 2021

How to Keep White Sneakers White

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[dropcap2_large]W[/dropcap2_large]inter has finally arrived in California so I thought I’d take this opportunity to wash my white sneakers. Since I only run in my running shoes, I use these when I go on walks and as a casual shoe. They’ve been a little neglected this year and I wanted to brighten them up. Today I’m sharing with you how to keep white sneakers white. Hint: It involves some elbow grease.

How to Keep White Sneakers White
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  • Remove the laces and place them in a delicates bag.
  • For shoes that are really dirty, I love to use Oxi Clean MaxForce Spray as a pre-treatment.
  • Toss your sneakers in the washer with your usual soap and the delicates bag. I always wash mine on cold temperature and gentle wash.
  • Once they are done, do not put them in the dryer.
  • Bring them to the sink and scrub with a brush (I use an old toothbrush) and soap.
  • If there is a hard spot, sprinkle some baking soda onto the brush and scrub.
  • Rinse all the soap out, squeezing out as much water as you can until the water has no suds.
  • Put your shoes back into the washer and run the spin only cycle a couple of times. If you have an older washer like I do, you can turn the dial to the spin part of any wash cycle and turn it in.
  • If you have a heater vent or a warm spot in your house you can put your shoes there to dry for a few days.
Shoe wipes
  • A good point for helping to maintain your shoes newfound cleanliness is to use shoe wipes. I was sent these sneaker wipes by Sneaker Lab to try out and I love to use them after I’ve gone for a hike or run, or when I’m on the go. They help to prolong times between washing and are made to continue to work for 3 days after. I also love that they use recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients.
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