Jan 11, 2018

Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing

Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing

Shown above: Rothy’s The Point Shoes, Oversized beach hat, Lace-up Sandals, Cuyana Apres Coverup, Marysia Mott Maillot, Prada Sunglasses, Herbivore After Sun Spray, Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Scalloped Shorts, Denim Boyfriend Shorts, Carve Designs Parka (c/o).

Since we’re in the middle of winter where I live, most of my travel dreaming right now is of a warm beach somewhere. October seems to be my month for warm trips including Grand Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, and Hawaii. Going from somewhere that is cool to a warmer place isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Today I’m sharing some of my best travel light tips for cold to warm climate packing, starting first with what to wear for travel…

Cold to Warm Travel Outfit

Lightweight Cashmere Scarf
A lightweight scarf can be used both as a wrap to help keep you warm on the plane, and as a swimsuit cover-up on the beach! It’s my favorite item to bring on a warm trip, aside from my swimsuit of course.
Slim Cotton Long-Sleeve Crew
I have a similar top and love the light feeling of it. It’s not too warm but still can help keep you from feeling a chill when you’re in transit. I would recommend one to two sizes larger than normal for looser fit. Another tip is to wear a rashguard or long sleeve beach cover-up on the flight to help keep you warm.
Silk Slip Dress
Sometimes I like to layer a dress with leggings and a top so that when I get to my destination I can simply remove the leggings and top to cool off. Since this one is silk it will be easy to hand wash and hang dry.
Studio Skin Legging
The feel of these is so nice, and as a bonus you can wear them should you decide to hit the gym or do some yoga while on vacation as well!
Rothy's The Point shoe in black ROTHY’S
The Point Shoe
Not only are these shoes made from recycled water bottles, they’re OK to get wet. That means that if you’re somewhere with a warm downpour, you won’t have to worry about your shoes being destroyed. They’re also closed-toe to help keep some of the airport and travel germs off of your feet.
Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing

Travel Light Cold to Warm Packing Tips

  1. Wear light layers! A long sleeve shirt and leggings are all you really need. Sometimes I add a slip dress because I can remove the leggings and shirt if I get too hot when we land.
  2. Wear one pair of shoes and pack the other. I love Rothy’s shoes because they are closed-toe, machine washable, and not too warm for hot weather.
  3. Pack a scarf that can be used as a beach wrap. I love thin scarves that double as a swimsuit coverup for keeping warm on the plane.
  4. I always find that I don’t wear as much makeup in warmer or more humid destinations. Save yourself the load and bring only the basics!
  5. Leave your large jacket at home or in the car if you can. Decide whether or not you find more value in paying for a ride to the airport or losing precious luggage space.
  6. Make a list of must-have or don’t-forget items so that you don’t leave anything behind. I do this for special items I might not always pack.
  7. Never underestimate a good maxi dress and scarf combo for travel. It will help keep your legs bundled up but moves and allows air to flow once you’re someplace warmer.
  8. Don’t be afraid to wear a couple of layers to stay warm, once you get to your destination you can remove them to adjust to the temperature there.
  9. Consider choosing shoes for your second (packed) pair that are made from waterproof materials. When we went to Turks & Caicos my shoes were not waterproof and I chose to walk around barefoot during a tropical downpour to save them.
  10. Don’t scrimp on undergarments. Let’s be real here, you might sweat in places you don’t want to be sweaty and underwear are the one item I don’t really want to hand wash in a sink.

Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing

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Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing Travel Light : Cold to Warm Climate Packing

Have you ever traveled from a cold to a hot climate? Have any tips to share?

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Great tips and I love the look of those shoes, they look like the perfect combination of elegant and practical.

The scarff is a great idea! I have such a hard time packing light especially when traveling to cold climates!

Great tips! Packing is always so hard for me but I definitely follow the layers rule 100%. I have wanted to try Rothy’s for a while…. I didn’t realize they were waterproof!

Great packing tips! The item that I always pack more of is undergarments…

Thanks for these awesome tips, I travel with 3 boys so always need to pack light. But, on another note, those shoes are adorable and no heel, ordering now!

Awesome tips for packing light! I have those same black flats and LOVE them!

Those flats are so cool, love that they can get wet too

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