Jan 13, 2018

The Hanger Trick

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[dropcap2_large]H[/dropcap2_large]ave you ever heard of the hanger trick? It’s the easiest way to clean out your closet and requires very little effort, though it does take a lot of (passive) time. If you’re bad at making decisions the hanger trick can help you. I do it every year for fun, so today I’m sharing how to do it, and some questions you should ask yourself once it’s done.

The Hanger Trick Guidelines:

1. Start with your clothes hanging on all of their hangers facing backwards (the wrong way). This will be a pain at first but as you wear them it will become easier.

2. As you wear each item, turn the hanger forward (the right way), so that you know you’ve worn the item.

3. At the end, you will see which items you wear, and which you don’t.

This will help you to see which items you’re not wearing regularly and perhaps both encourage you to wear the item more, or to make a decision to remove it from your wardrobe. Here are some helpful tips for cleaning out your closet, and here is what to do after you clean out your closet.

Before you remove something, ask yourself questions.

  1. Does this item fit? Try it on. Does it fit? If not, consider putting it in the “to go” bin.
  2. Was the weather right to wear this item? Clearly you don’t want to clean out winter items in the middle of Summer.
  3. Did I have ample opportunities to wear this item? Did you have the right occasion to wear it? Consider if you ever will.

The Hanger Trick, a no-effort way to clean out your closet!

The Hanger Trick, a no-effort way to clean out your closet!

Have you tried the hanger trick for cleaning out your closet?

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The Hanger Trick is a Great Idea – It’s funny that we have so many clothes but we wear our favorites over & over and neglect the clothes in the closet that we forgot about

This is a great trick, thanks for sharing it!!

The hanger trick is a good idea. I tried it for a few days and forgot to keep turning the hangers around lol. But still a good idea, I found out what my fave pieces were.

Thank you for introducing me to the hanger trick! This will be my new method of maintaining/cleaning out my closet for now on!

Such a great tip! I will give it a try.

I use this trick! It really helps me manage my wardrobe as well as my famiy”s.

Great and simple trick! Thanks!

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