Mar 27, 2015

Headed to Palm Springs + Win a Crafty Prize !

Crafting Community in Palm Springs Crafting Community in Palm Springs Crafting Community in Palm Springs Crafting Community in Palm Springs Crafting Community in Palm SpringsCrafting Community in Palm Springs Crafting Community in Palm Springs

Showing our children ways to be creative and adventurous in everyday life ranks pretty high up on our priority list. It’s one of the reasons we travel often, and it’s one of the reasons that when we’re not outside of California or on-the-go, we still encourage our children to explore and learn. We love that we are raising children who think outside of the box, and aren’t afraid to speak up with new or different ideas. When I learned about Crafting Community in Palm Springs it was love at first sight. An experience like this would be the perfect time for us to bond and grow as a family. So without further adieu, I’m happy to announce that we will be attending this year!

If the photos above weren’t convincing enough for you to join us, please visit their website for more information.

Enter to win a Crafting Community Tote with goodies!

Every family that attends will receive an adorable gift bag filled to the brim with goodies, and today you can win a similar one for yours !  Crafting Community and Yellow Owl Workshop have generously partnered with us for a giveaway. One lucky reader will win a tote filled with goodies to spark their child’s imagination and creative spirit. All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

At the end of the day (11:59P.M. PST) on March 31st I’ll randomly choose and announce a winner. Selected winner must be 18 years old and live in the United States.

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We walk around the neighborhood with our little buckets collecting items. Then come back and I give the kids glue and paper and they make collages.

You guys always seem to have the best activities for your kids, so I trust you on this one! 🙂

We have a kids art studio set up in a converted porch off of our living room. They are allowed to use anything they can easily access themselves (I often wander in to find my 3 year old painting at the easel). Whenever they feel like doing art, making something for their play animals, or making a birthday card for a friend, they go in there. I love that they feel confident with these materials!

I love working on fun craft activities with the kids. We try to find creative inspiration everywhere, from our travels to the every day. I love it when my kids come up with creative ideas on their own without any prompting. That’s usually when we have the most fun 🙂

We have arts and crafts supplies all over the house! We don’t really do video games, but the art stuff gets a lot of use!!

Honestly, they’re so naturally creative that I just try not to stand in their way when they want to make stuff. 🙂

i don’t currently have children, but i do nanny for two families. i am always trying to keep them thinking creatively. i think the best way is to keep them away from screens, and when all else fails have activities in mind. most of the time i bring them to a room in the house, and i ask them what they want to do. that forces them to look at their surroundings, and think of something that they can do.

yay! we went to the one in LA and it was so much fun

I don’t have children YET, but this is definitely something I’d want to go to! I foster creativity in my cat-children by constantly moving the furniture;)

I am an environmental educator, and love inspiring other to care for our environment through crafts, especially those using recycled materials.

I don’t craft w/ my daughter nearly as much as I’d like to during the week. I love to browse Pinterest and find fun, cute projects for us to do on the weekends, whether it’s a holiday theme or something,

I have a drawer in my kitchen that’s filled with craft supplies. That’s my toddler’s drawer and he can get out whatever inspires him.

We try to have weekly craft projects and it’s usually something I find on pinterest!

I find that allowing my daughter to make her own decisions and following her lead with a yes (when possible) allows her creativity to grow, which also increases her self esteem as well.

We have a play area in the basement for the kids to always be involved in some kind of creative activity. Whether it’s painting, building, destroying 🙂 even. Let their li’l minds work wonders.

We honestly have weekly craft weekend Saturdays with my sister’s children and mine. We even make the food we have on these days fun and crafty! I think it brings out the best in our children and everyone has a fantastic time. We also get to make something COOL!

How do I foster creativity in my kids?

Half of their playroom is dedicated to crafts! We have a kid-sized table with comfy chairs where they like to sit and color and create. I also keep three big drawers well stocked with craft supplies.

This is so sweet! I don’t have a large space to dedicate to crafts, but I do have a ‘special drawer’ with supplies we can pull out. 🙂

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