Mar 26, 2015

The Striped Top

Minimal Closet / The Striped Top

In my last Minimal Closet post, I talked about how to find your perfect black denim, this time I’m talking about a striped top. I really do favor my striped tops, and it is safe to say they are my second most worn item in my closet. I love how a striped top can be worn with any outfit ranging from casual, to more business casual when paired with a blazer. The mood also changes based on the stripe pattern and thickness, from airy to moody. I prefer cleaner stripes, so that’s what I’ve featured here.

A Minimal Closet, The Striped Tee

won hondred striped molly top (Featured) / Striped Slub Cotton Top / Striped Cotton Jersey Top / Striped Wool Top, Similar (My favorite!) / Rolled Sleeve Striped Tee

My favorite striped top is the Drake Tee by Heidi Merrick, you can see it in action here. The stripes are very similar to the slub cotton top above, but the sleeves are a little shorter and it is dark navy in color. I also have a lighter striped top that is similar to the one in the middle that I like to wear with lighter outfits, to the beach, etc. I don’t know that I will ever get my closet down to less than 2 striped tops because I always find myself drawn to stripes and wear each top regularly.

Next time I check in, I will hopefully be able to share a few photos of our finished closet as well.

Minimal Closet, The Striped Tee during the Day Minimal Closet, The Striped Tee at Night

Day Striped Top (smilar) / Denim / Slide-on Sandals / Sunglasses / Panama Hat

Night Striped Top (smilar) /Denim / Glossed Pumps / Draped Blazer / Earrings

Do you have a striped top? What is your favorite way to wear it?


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Stripes, stripes everywhere. I have about 13. THEY’RE ALL DIFFERENT. I NEED THEM. 🙂

I’m wearing mine right now! Finally found the perfect one at Land’s End of all places – selling point was they line up the lines on the sleeves. 🙂

Agreed. Striped tops are a great staple. Unfortunately, it’s still hard sometimes to find just the right one.

I’m all about Breton stripes – dresses as well as tops.

I didn’t actually realize just how bad my stripe addiction was until the kids in Ava’s class at school kept asking me why I always wear stripes! They’re right. My closet is full of stripes yet I keep buying more!

I find myself buying stripes for the kids as well which often results in unplanned “twinning” with them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had people comment on how the kids and I match and then I notice that I’ve dressed all four of us in stripes – again!

OMG, I love posts like these. I wish I was more minimalist – I’m more of a MOREomalist 🙂 Stripes are my favorite. It is sad how many I own, but I love them all. Thank you for the tips on these striped beauts!


I love love love striped shirts! I have about 6 in my closet currently – short sleeve long sleeve 3/4 sleeve, I love them all! And I have a weird urge whenever I see a really nice cut to buy it – it’s the first thing my eye catches, which is weird because stripes don’t look the best on me, but I just love them!

I am big on striped tops, too! They always make for the perfect outfit!

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