Jan 09, 2014

A Day in Solvang, California

team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-1I picked the hotel that we stayed in because it was modern and clad full of Danish pride. My favorite touches were the beach cruisers that you could rent and the Danish flag blankets on the bed.
team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-2 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-3 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-4 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-5 Since we only had one day to spend in Solvang, we wanted to make the most of it. We walked around the town, taking in the sights and wading through the sea of other tourists. After snagging a table for brunch for breakfast at the Belgian Cafe, we walked around town visiting the shops and picking up a couple of souvenirs. team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-10 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-8 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-7 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-9 There is a bakery on every corner in Solvang, but we chose to eat at Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery because it was near our hotel. They had delicious pastries and sold cute buckets of Danish butter cookies. The napkins were perfect – Wiking Pride!
team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-6 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-11
Obligatory tourist photo.team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-12 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-13 We had dinner at a place called Bit O’Denmark. The woman at Elna’s Dress Shop recommended it for more authentic Danish cuisine. The meatballs did not disappoint. As the sun started to fade, we made our way back to our hotel. It had an outdoor area that we let the kids indulge in a little to relax a little before bed.team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-14 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-15 team-wiking-day-in-solvang-california-16I feel like we could have spent one or two more days there to do some more exploring.

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How fun! I’d love to make a trip down to Solvang, it looks amazing!

I am a new follower and am enjoying your photos. Did you use a preset on this group? It looks like a VSCO type of filter. Thank you.

@Kate – Thanks for being a new follower! 🙂 I have a batch of LR Presets that I’m fond of, some I’ve purchased, and some I’ve custom made. There isn’t a single sole filter on all of these photos, a lot of them are combinations of filters so that I can tailor each image to look how I’d like. Some of my favorite filters are from Pretty Pretty Presets – http://www.lightroompresets.com and I edit almost exclusively in Adobe Lightroom. I’ll cover editing and post-production more in depth as a part of my photography series in a couple of weeks. I hope this helps!

o gosh! what a charmig little villa! great photos!

Thanks! It was pretty charming in a Disneyland sort of way.

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