A Very Green Holiday Season

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Tips to decorate with live plants during the Holiday season.

Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite times of the year. From getting our Christmas tree to drinking cider and filling the house with sparkles and cheer, it’s all nothing but the best memories for me. One of my other huge loves is plants and flowers, so today I’ve partnered with World Market to combine the love of two and share some easy tips to decorate with live plants this holiday season.

Tips to decorate with live plants during the Holiday season.

Choose your plants.
I already keep a ton of plants in my home, but for the holidays I love to add a few more. Like a gift to our house, ha! I picked up a live olive & eucalyptus garland, along with the matching wreath for the holidays, as well as snagging a cute little Lemon Cypress tree that is shaped like a baby Christmas tree. They have a beautiful selection of other florals and foliage too.

Tips to decorate with live plants during the Holiday season.

Plan your decor.
Think about what kind of ways you’d like to decorate with plants, and what ways you’d like to incorporate them. I never really draw a diagram or anything, but I do try to visualize in my head what it might look like. Keep in mind the scale and strength of your plants when choosing accessories and decor for them. Very small ornaments and micro LED lights work perfect.

Tips to decorate with live plants during the Holiday season.

Get to work!
Once your plants arrive, be sure that if they are potted they are watered properly and taken care of. Place them around your home, and think outside of the box. I love to lay a wreath flat on a table and put candles in the center, flameless are safer when lit, of course. These have a 5-hour timer. Garlands don’t always need to go on a mantel, since we don’t have one, I placed ours on the credenza by the TV. I love to add little wire micro LED lights like these ones (they’re battery powered!) to spice them up a bit and they don’t emit as much heat as traditional lights so they are less drying for the plants.

Tips to decorate with live plants during the Holiday season.

I just love how simple and effortless it is to add some greenery for the holidays. It also saves me from having to have a million boxes of Christmas decor, and I feel good about having more plant babies in the house, ha!
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Do you ever decorate with live plants for the holidays? I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

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Responses to “A Very Green Holiday Season”

  1. Kelly Reci

    I love the green color and it’s one of my favorite. So refreshing color and some said that green color can help our eyes to relaxed. I like your idea and awesome decorations for holidays.

  2. We just bought a rosemary bush for “christmas decor” to add color to our home. Love some of these ideas for extra greenery!

  3. I love the clean simplicity of your holiday decor. It goes so well with your updated mid century modern pieces!

  4. love all of your greenery! that’s my favorite too 🙂

  5. Such simple and fresh decor for the season! I love it!

  6. Elizabeth O

    I love pine wreaths and all sorts of holiday celeratory wreaths. Yours is gorgeous! 🙂

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