The Right Intimates for a Minimal Closet

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How to choose the right intimates for a minimal closet

The other day I started my year-end closet cleaning, and really started getting into details. I cleaned out various drawers and was fine until I came to my intimates drawer. How on earth did I accumulate so many bras and underwear? I pulled everything out and came to realize that I really only wear and love a few pieces. After careful thought, I narrowed them down to just the necessities, and today I’ve partnered with ThirdLove to share how you can figure out which of your intimates are necessities as well.

How to choose the right intimates for a minimal closet

First, take a good look at your closet.
What type of clothing do you normally wear? What colors? I normally wear black and a few neutral lighter colors like white, gray, light pinks, etc. My bras are black or nude in color, and very basic. I love lacy numbers, but I also love bras that don’t leave lines. The 24/7 Wireless Bra (pictured above) from ThirdLove is very comfortable and doesn’t show any lines under v-necks and t-shirts.

How to choose the right intimates for a minimal closet

Bras should match your clothing.
I always feel like a good bet for bras is to not only have ones that fit, but that serve the purpose of every item of clothing in your wardrobe. I feel like a safe bet is to have at least one t-shirt (above), wireless, and strapless style in nude color, but since I wear so much black, I have quite a few black bras as well.

How to choose the right intimates for a minimal closet

Are you wearing the proper size?
Bras should fit properly or Since ThirdLove believes in bras that fit perfect the first time, they have an app that you can use for sizing. It’s really easy to use, and confidential of course. You can also use their fit finder via their website. They offer half sizes (Yes!), and have a try before you buy policy. Pictured above are the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, and the 24/7 Wireless Bra which are both extremely comfortable. I’ve also been lusting after a good strapless bra, and their new 24/7 Classic Strapless looks perfect.

How to choose the right intimates for a minimal closet

Remember to take proper care of your intimates.
This means washing, storing, and packing them all in the safest way! This way they will last longer. For washing, I secure the hooks on mine and prefer to wash in cold water on delicate cycle and hang them to dry. They have a dedicated cube in my intimates drawer so they aren’t smashed or wrinkled by other clothing, and as far as packing my suitcase, they go into a soft bag with other intimate items instead of smashed into a packing cube.

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So there you have it! A few easy tips to simplify your intimates drawer so it doesn’t look like the sale rack at a bra store, haha. Having mine streamlined has really helped to shave a few seconds off of getting dressed in the morning, and eventually that adds up.

Do Have you cleaned out your intimates drawer recently? Do you have any tips for finding just the right amount and style?

This post was sponsored by ThirdLove. Thank you so much for helping to support the sponsors that make life here a little sweeter.

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Responses to “The Right Intimates for a Minimal Closet”

  1. Cute! Never heard of ThirdLove before…. looks like nice stuff – especially if you love their stuff! Also. I need those hangers in my life.

    1. The half-cup sizing is a freaking GAME CHANGER. I’m always between so this is like YESSSS.

  2. A well fitted bra can change an outfit, and buying underwear to go with what you actually wear is such a good tip

    – Natalie

    1. I spent so much time buying cutesy stuff that looked great on the rack, but when I tried to wear them with my actual clothing it just didn’t make sense. Once I started actually buying undergarments to go UNDER my actual clothing it was a game changer, haha.

  3. I love a good bra-I have a local lady I like to go to, because she is just so good at what she does!
    Southern Elle Style

  4. Classic intimates like this are the best to stock up on!
    xx, Bri ||

  5. Courtney

    Great tips!! A good fitting bra is everything, it really can change an outfit!


  6. K. LAUREN

    I love your travel posts! This post sparked a question regarding your use of silk camisoles in your closet. They seem to be a great closet staple, and I see them folded into several of your packing lists. I’m wondering if you have you found a truly comfortable strapless to wear beneath? I’m assuming you have as you’ve written about wearing camis on travel days & long flights. Would love to hear a recommendation for one if you have one!

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