Sep 18, 2014

Fall Desert Style

here-wear-mojave-california-1 here-wear-mojave-california-2 here-wear-mojave-california-3

I knew it was going to be hot in the desert, so I opted for a very light dress, but added a wool hat and perforated oxfords to add a couple of touches for fall. Unfortunately I lost these sunglasses during this trip. We searched forever and couldn’t find them. I hope their new owner enjoys all of their glory. As always, outfit details are below.

here-wear-mojave-california-5 here-wear-mojave-california-6 here-wear-mojave-california-7 here-wear-mojave-california-8

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Thanks for sharing the link to the hat, I love it!. Similar to one I saw at Old Navy – perfect for fall!

Wonderful pics! And I love your outfit. The hat and the sunglasses are so cool!

You look so adorable in this outfit! I love all of it.

Love your photos as always!!! I just actually saw those glasses on a guy I met yesterday! Someone had stepped on his and he glued them back together!!! He loved them sooo much!!! They look great on you and so does that whole loook!!!!

If I found them I might have tried it, haha!

Lovely dress! What a cute look

Too bad about the sunglasses. That is a bummer 🙁

Gorgeous and stunning photos as always!! Jealous of the heat and the sun!

Well you are just stunning! I love the effortless feel of this outfit. So pulled together and yet you look completely comfortable.

Hope you’re well!

xx Katie
lovely letters

Gorgeous I love that hat on you!

Ooo hey that’s a new font at the end of the post there – adventure awaits. The lighting in these…ahhh, so perfect. Is that sunset? Idk, I can’t tell…

It is sunset! The lighting was more forgiving then than at sunrise, but it was hot any time the sun was above the horizon.

Such cute outfits. Love the pics.

Love this look! So gorgeous!

Absolutely love the hat and the shoes!

LOOOVe your photos! They are so beautiful! Great outfit too;-)

Perfect desert look! So many choose comfort over style when it’s hot and thank you for proving you don’t have to!

Thanks! There are so many different fabric options available now, I don’t feel like I have to. 🙂

awesome photos! your hair looks great!

I am in love with that dress! It looks so breezy and comfortable!

Love these pictures! And that is such a cute outfit!

Love love love the wooden glasses. The sunset isn’t so bad either 😉
The Accidental Mama

Thanks! I’m so sad I lost them. I’m going to have to order a new pair. 🙁

Your photos are always so lovely! Loving that dress <3

Amazing pictures! Fab outfit too. Love the location.

Gorgeous and looks light and airy! What tool do you use to make the scrolling fashion bar – I love it!

Thanks! The sunsets were amazing in the desert. It’s a widget from reward style. 🙂

I want to incorporate more white pieces into my wardrobe. This dress is really pretty! Perfect for the desert.

Thanks! It is lined, too. 🙂

This entire outfit is so cute!! Love it 🙂

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