Jan 23, 2017

Destination Paris!

Travel Light - Pack for Winter in Paris. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry-on.

We’re off to Paris soon, and while I’m part-excited, I’m also part-nervous. I have my packing list done, that’s always the easy part for me. I have to admit that it’s not a destination that I’ve been dying to get to. That said, I think this will be a pretty laid back trip. My husband and I don’t take a lot of time to ourselves when it comes to our family, so this trip will be a chance to finally do that. I look forward to long walks doing absolutely nothing, and taking a relaxing bath every night. I might even get to open a book, wow! It seems that I might be on the non-popular side of Paris opinions though, as several of our friends have already recommended a plethora of amazing things for us to check out. I’ve included them below.

Eat & Drink

  • Drinks at Le Perchoir
  • Healthy breakfast at Season
  • Wine and cheese at L’Avant Comptoir
  • Brunch at BigLove Café
  • Lunch with a view at KONG
  • World’s best macarons at Pierre Hermé
  • Gerard Mulot’s macarons are made fresh in Paris
  • Delicious food at Alcazar
  • Bring home good cheese from QuatreHomme, and ask for it sous vide so you can travel with it.
  • Hot cocoa from Angelina
  • Foie gras from Comptoir de la Gastronomie or Petite Sud Ouest (reservations recommended)
  • Bouillon Racine for dinner (reservations recommended)
  • Use Lafourchette.com for reservations
  • Poulette for the best steak frites in the city
  • L’as du Fallafel for great falafel on a Sunday (in the Jewish quarter)
  • Le Restaurant at Ralph Lauren Saint Germain
  • Bastille or St Michel districts for food
  • Vegan Folies on Rue Mouffetard so I can have some dessert!
  • Splurge on lunch for fine dining, better priced and less crowded than dinner
  • Brunch at Merci

See & Do

  • Art at the Fondation Louis Vuitton
  • Catacombs (come an hour before it opens to beat the crowd)
  • Versailles (I’m told to visit the faux-farm behind the Triannons)
  • Walk Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Orsay to visit
  • See Latin quarter
  • Walk Rue des goblins
  • Salvador Dali museum
  • Montmartre Cemetary


  • Le Bon Marché
  • Sennelier’s Art Store on the banks, near the Louvre
  • Le Marais district (good thing we’re staying here!)

Do you have any to add? Is there any must-do experiences in Paris? Delicious places to eat? Send them my way!

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I have always wanted to go to Paris and hope that I am able to one of these days. The Eifel Tower intrigues me.

Paris is one of my favorite cities! Make sure you get macarons in Laduree too. My favorite neighborhood is the 4th arr. Le Marais!

I am dreaming of the day I get to go to Paris. I look forward to reading your posts all about your trip. Have a great time.

This makes me understand why my daughter wants to visit there so badly. I am afraid to leave the country but she is always talking about Paris, sounds lovely.

I would love to go to Paris, this is on my bucket list. I will have to save this to know where to go!

Going to Paris is one of my dream. I should copy your list and do it when I had a chance to go there.

Oh I envy you! Paris is one of the places I dream of visiting one day. I will bookmark this for future reference.

I absolutely adore Pairs. I got lost there once when we were visiting, and it was actually the best time I’ve ever had in the city.

Excellent post. Paris is a gorgeous city. All parts of it are beautiful, but a resource like this will ensure that visitors see the best spots.

Now that is a gorgeous and mesmerizing shot. Ah Paris, je t’aime.

The Musée de l’Orangerie is one of the most lovely small museums in Paris. There are 2 oval rooms dedicated to Monet’s waterlilies, rooms that Claude Monet himself designed for his paintings.

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