5 Tips For Keeping A Minimal Closet

For the last few years my closet has been pretty trim and over time I’ve come to realize that there are certain ways I approach maintaining it to keep it minimal. Today I thought it would be helpful to share a few of the ways I keep my closet minimal with you.

1. Invest in quality, timeless clothing that fits well.
To start, investing in timeless clothing that is high quality is a good way to add longevity to your closet. Stay away from retailers that create clothing by cutting corners, whether it’s with synthetic low-quality fabrics, or not finishing the garment to completion. I’ve come across so many items of clothing that are unlined or have tattering or twisted seams and just move on.

2. Not only quality, but quality over quantity.
On top of investing in quality clothing, the quantity matters. Unless you’re going to only wear white t-shirts all week, how many do you really need? I constantly ask myself when I am ready to make a purchase if I already have a similar item that serves the same function and style. If the answer is yes, I simply don’t purchase the item.

3. Ignore catalogs and browsing.
I’ve unsubscribed from the majority of e-mails and paper catalogs as I can. Even though it’s part of my job, I really try not to look at clothing when I don’t have something I need in mind. It can be so overwhelming to constantly have new products and fast fashion in your face, so in order to not give in to outside pressures, I avoid them.

4. The idea that newer is better.
Along with newer items being pushed into our face, the idea that newer is better is in the same mindset. It’s so tempting to buy something just because it’s shiny and new, but the exciting moment of purchasing something new will only be temporary. Buy items that will stand the test of time and that can evolve over multiple seasons.

5. Proper clothing care is essential.
I’ve covered proper clothing care a few times on my blog because it’s essential to maintaining a smaller wardrobe. When you have fewer items, each item receives more wear and love from you. Don’t forget to love it in a sense that you are gentle with washing and follow proper instructions. Storing it in the right way helps too. I never hang my sweaters because I don’t want the fit to become altered.

So in a sense, simply loving your clothes more will help contribute to their proper care, fit, and frequency of wear. The relationship you have with your closet should be intimate, and comparable to a relationship you have with a spouse. If you only keep the clothing around that you love, and not be tempted to stray to something that may only be a temporary fling, you will essentially take better care of it as well.

What are some of your favorite tips for keeping your closet minimal?

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Responses to “5 Tips For Keeping A Minimal Closet”

  1. Great post!! One of my goals for this year is to shop less so I have been unsubscribing from several email newsletters. I’ve also been looking for pieces that are of higher quality. Thanks for the tips!!

  2. Thanks for this. I’m in the process of really sorting through my wardrobe, and I’m really trying to simplify. I’ve just replaced 4 pairs of work trousers and a skirt with just 2 pairs of trousers that I will actually wear and will last, and it’s made my mornings so much faster and I feel like I’m dressed better because I’m wearing better fabrics.

  3. I try to purge the old when I’m shopping for the new and this has helped me organize my closet.

  4. I have a small closet, so I’m constantly purging! If I haven’t worn it in 6 months- I’m donating it! Great tips!!

  5. Sometimes I have a hard time getting rid of clothing in my closet, because this thought always crosses my mind: “what if I’ll still wear it?” I have a whole closet of clothes that I need to go through.


  6. Great tips! I definitely need to keep my closet more organized and clean

  7. I love your tip to ignore catalogues and browsing. They invoke a feeling of false need. I also try to stay away from emails marked ‘Sale” for that same reason

  8. Courtney

    These are great tips!! I’m definitely going to try unsubscribing from emails. Those get me every time!

  9. quality of quantity is best – I know you love cuyana too and they are all about this!!

  10. Such great tips….I need to follow them more especially buying things I don’t really need but do just because!

  11. I had a baby 9.5 months ago, and just recently started purging our closet. Anything I wasn’t wearing pre-pregnancy was purged. I’m wearing very few items that I loved over a year ago and it has been so freeing to eliminate it all!

    1. Congratulations on your new little one! Isn’t it funny how little of our closet we actually utilize sometimes? I sometimes keep note of mine by putting all of the items back after they’ve been worn/washed on the same side.

  12. Vivienne

    I hang like with like and select a garment from the left of its category. When I replace it, it goes back on the right. This way I circulate the clothes better and don’t stick to the same few garments. Also, I notice if I am rejecting something regularly and can then ask why and perhaps remove it.

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